Cherry Pet: A Smart Way to Take Care of your Pets

It’s nice to have a pet that would always be there for you and love you wholeheartedly. The reality is, being a pet owner also demands responsibility and commitment. Pets, such as dogs and cats have become an integral part of our families, and their well-being is a rising concern among pet owners with a busy or hectic lifestyle. Leaving your pets alone can bring a lot of worry and guilt at some point. This is where Cherry Mobile’s Cherry Home comes in. Their latest product line called Cherry Pet brings convenience and peace of mind, all at your fingertips.

Cherry Pet has two products that will ensure your pets get fed on time and have clean/ purified drinking water. The Cherry Pet Smart Wi-Fi Pet Feeder can let pet owners set and schedule the meal of their pets, which is very important especially when no one is at home to feed them. Once the time of the meal is set, food will be dropped based on the scheduled time. The Smart Wi-Fi Pet Feeder has a 3.7L food capacity which is big enough to store food for small/ medium pets such as dogs or cats. It even has a built-in camera which allows pet owners to capture photos and videos of their pets through their smartphones. They can even talk to their fur babies thanks to its speaker function. How cute!

Cherry Pet

Another Cherry Pet product is the Smart Fountain. Just like their hooman owners, pets need to stay hydrated by making sure that they have water to drink any time of the day. However, having water around is not enough. Tap water may contain contaminants which may be harmful to these adorable fur babies. Unlike other pet water dispenser, Cherry Pet Smart
Fountain has UV light that kills water bacteria, has 99.7% Sterilization Rate,
and filter, making it safe and healthy for these pets. It has also a timer so the water will flow at the scheduled time. Maintaining proper hydration and clean water are essential to a pet’s health.

Cherry Mobile endorser Heart Evangelista-Escudero has already tried these Cherry Pet products and she has some good things to stay about them: “I’m so happy that our newest collaboration with Cherry is now available, the Cherry Pet Smart Wi-Fi Feeder and Smart Fountain. It’s really a convenient way to feed your pets, especially for working fur parent like me. With these Cherry Pet products, you can make sure that your fur babies have food and clean water round the clock. The best part is that it has a built-in camera which works on Wi-Fi so you can always check on them, and stay connected with them.”

The Cherry Pet Smart Wi-Fi Feeder and Cherry Pet Smart Fountain are both controllable with a smartphone and works on Wi-Fi. It’s so easy to use, just download the Cherry Home app and register. These products are now available at Lazada and Shopee for P5,000 each.

Looking after your fur babies can be challenging, but Cherry Pet will definitely change the game.

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