Roaming Seoul with Cherry Roam

Every traveler knows that it’s essential when going abroad to always have these three; cash, a smartphone, and of course, the internet. And there’s always bound to have problems with the last must- have of every trip. Especially when you’re on a budget. 

Get a sim? Easy… and expensive.

Rent an Airbnb with a free pocket wifi? But that means you won’t have internet before checking in and after checking out. 

Settle with what the city offers? Honestly, best of luck.

Then I heard that Cherry Mobile offers a pocket wifi called Cherry Roam that is fit for roaming in Korea and around the world! It has package deals for individual countries and continents that are a bit cheaper than other alternatives. Plus, it’s more familiar since you can set it up at home!

So when we went to Korea last November, I rented a Cherry Roam device and tried it out myself (with 3 other family members!).

Cherry Roam Korea

When I landed at Incheon Airport I sure did realized how big of a convenience it is to already have your own wifi as you land. While waiting for our luggage to arrive, we had to look up some stalls like Klook since we had to pick up our passes. Who would’ve thought that they were at the 3rd floor? Without Cherry Roam, we would’ve taken longer. Plus, after that we had to double check if our passes include free express train tickets to our hotel’s area. 

It’s pretty daunting to move about in an unfamiliar city, but it’s just fun when navigation is handy. We had no problems navigating our way to tour bus stops where we’ll have to hop on. The roads were quite tricky since Seoul had pretty wide highways! Thankfully there’s Naver and Google Maps. 

Cherry Roam Korea

On some popular destinations bus and subway stops can be a bit far from the actual destination, that’s why it’s always important to have a map with you!  

Initially, I had low expectations that I’d be able to stream videos peacefully when my family members connected. I braced myself for incoming lags but the internet was still as smooth. In Cherry Roam’s Official Website, the pocket wifi can accommodate up to 5 people. It lived up to its claim! We were able to enjoy fast wifi even when sharing.

We were sharing photos every hour! It was really convenient that the internet’s stable when we sent about 20 photos each time.

Cherry Roam Korea

Also, as an unexpected bonus, it does also function as a powerbank! Though it wasn’t as useful to me since the phone I brought had outstanding battery, my family did need the extra charge. We also didn’t have to worry about draining the Cherry Roam of its battery since it always survived until the middle of the night!

Cherry Roam is Cherry Mobile’s service in keeping you and your travel mates connected anywhere in the world. All you need is to connect to the app, top it up, and you’re set! You don’t even have to buy the unit, you can just rent it! 

Cherry Roam Korea

The rates are also very good for all this on my experience. For 6 days, a sim card in Korea costs about Php 600.00 a pocket wifi (max of 3 devices) for about Php 800.00. With Cherry Roam, you can get a week and get 5 connected for only Php 750.00 (or Php 500.00)!

There are also other rates available for countries over the world! In Korea, I really suggest that Cherry Roam is the way to go!

Check out Cherry Roam and their rates on its Official Website!

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