HP Elite Dragonfly – A Convertible PC that weighs under a Kilogram!

Lighten your workload with the HP Elite Dragonfly. It’s the perfect device for the modern business professional who demands a light, durable, always connected and secure computing device.

The HP Elite Dragonfly is made of ocean bound plastic and more than 82% of the mechanical parts made from recycled materials. It’s the world’s first convertible made with these materials, making this machine eco-friendly. Its 13.3″ screen features the world’s highest screen-to-body ratio in a compact laptop. It can instantly transform into a tablet for those moments when you want to navigate the screen with your fingers or annotate documents with an optional HP Rechargeable Active Pen G3.

HP Elite Dragonfly

Having a secured device is important especially if carries confidential information, that’s why HP has equipped the Elite Dragonfly with security features for protection. Malware is one threat to your machine’s security and traditional antivirus can’t always recognize new attacks. HP Sure Sense can protect your PC against never-before-seen attacks which uses deep-learning AI to provide exceptional protection against advanced malware. Concerned on the prying eyes of strangers on your Dragonfly’s screen? The HP Sure View Gen3 can block your screen by reducing visual light when viewed from the side. And if you’re paranoid about a hacker accessing your Dragonfly’s camera, fear not! The built-in HP Privacy Camera comes with an integrated physical shutter to protect from malicious surveillance. Lastly, if your Dragonfly got lost or stolen, it can be tracked down with the built-in Tile, the world’s leading smart location company. Get proactive alerts when a device has been left behind. All of these security features will definitely give you some peace of mind and just concentrate on your tasks.

HP Elite Dragonfly

This sleek convertible is powered by an Intel Core i7 (also available in Core i5) with storage up to 512GB and 16GB of memory. 4G LTE for fast internet on the go is optional.

The HP Elite Dragonfly is now available starting at P81,440.

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