Work From Home: Fujitsu Launches New Enterprise LIFEBOOK U and E Series Laptops!

Fujitsu just launched a new breed of enterprise laptops—the LIFEBOOK U and E Series—to help you adjust with working remotely. Gear up with Windows 10 and the latest 10th generation Intel Core Processor on the newest LIFEBOOKs!

The professional, for the most part, have shifted largely with skeletal systems in place or going full-on digital. In that case, working from home would need a reliable computer set-up that’s both powerful but portable nonetheless.

The Fujitsu LIFEBOOK U series are business-grade laptops that offer awesome connectivity with common port replicators. Grab these on the new LIFEBOOK U7310 (13.3”) and LIFEBOOK U7410 (14”)! Online meetings took the professional world by storm so maybe you’ll need something handy for that matter. However, since you’re at your home, Fujitsu offers privacy features such as a new privacy camera shutter and an optional ePrivacy Filter.

Fujitsu Lifebook U

Plust, there are models of the LIFEBOOK U which are extremely mobile and compact. At only 13.3”, the LIFEBOOK U9310 phenomenally lightweight meanwhile the LIFEBOOK U9310X is a convertible laptop with a 360 degree display and pen input. Regarding performance, the U9 series supports Intel Project Athena. In other words, optimized performance, battery life, and again, connectivity.

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Fujitsu Lifebook U

Moreover, five LIFEBOOK U series models are certified Microsoft Secured-core PC thus, they offer the most secure Windows 10. It’s also under integrated hardware, firmware, software and identity protection by Fujitsu PalmSecure technology.

On the other hand, the LIFEBOOK E is big as you would expect with office laptops. If you don’t want to scale down, the 14” LIFEBOOK E541 and 15.6” LIFEBOOK E5510 may be what’s perfect for you.

Under the hood, you’ll be getting the latest 10th generation Intel Core Processor. Along with that, maximum memory capacity of 64 GB, scalability of up to 1 TB self-encrypted solid-state drive (SSD) for big data. Additionally it also supports the latest high-speed Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0.

Just like all other Fujitsu products, the newest LIFEBOOKs offer nothing but the best in dependability. Learn more on Fujitsu’s Official Website.

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