ASRock B650E/B650 Motherboards Launched

ASRock is proud to announce its line of AMD ASRock B650E/B650 motherboard series. These motherboards are targeted at the mainstream AM5 segment featuring various exciting new products such as our flagship B650E Taichi, the high-end B650E Steel Legend Wi-Fi for high end market, B650E PG Riptide Wi-Fi and B650 PRO RS for mainstream users, and B650 PG Lightning a new SKU joining the Phantom Gaming family targeted the entry level market. ASRock also offers the new B650E PG-ITX WiFi for small form factor enthusiasts.

Here is the ASRock B650E and X670E AM5 Motherboards reveal video from ASRock Global’s YouTube Channel:

ASRock B650E Taichi

Asrock Launches B650eb650 Motherboard Series With Evolutionary Design B6... (1)
ASRock B650E Taichi

ASRock went all-out on its VRM design by creating a 24+2+1 phase Smart Power Stage
(SPS) Dr.MOS on the B650E Taichi series, providing users with the most powerful AM5
platform it can offer ready to unlock maximum CPU performance. The flagship ASRock
B650E Taichi motherboards are equipped with many exciting features and technologies
such as PCIe® 5.0 technology for graphics cards and M.2 SSDs, an incredible IO that
includes the latest USB4 offering a fast and simple level of connection for work or home.

ASRock B650E Steel Legend WiFi & B650E PG Riptide Wi-Fi

ASRock B650E Steel Legend
ASRock B650E Steel Legend

Designed for enthusiasts, the ASRock B650E Steel Legend Wi-Fi & PG Riptide Wi-Fi
motherboards are designed using the 8-layer PCBs as well as 14+2+1 Smart Power Stage
VRMs that improves OC capability to help keep the motherboard cool when partnered with
any AMD Ryzen TM 7000 Series processor. Besides performance, Dragon 2.5G Ethernet
and 2T2R Wi-Fi 6E connectivity are also available on both models to maximize the
capability for every possible task.

The New PG Lightning series

ASRock is pleased to introduce its new Lightning Series into the Phantom Gaming line up,
and the new B650 PG Lightning brings a new contender to the new entry level market. It is
packed with multiple M.2 slots including PCIe® 5.0, M.2 SSD, Dragon 2.5G Ethernet,

ASRock B650 Lightning
ASRock B650 Lightning

convenient integrated IO shield and offers a premium 8 layer PCB design with 14+2+1
SPS power phases, targeting the best mix of high quality and great features at an
affordable price, B650 PG Lightning is the best choice for building a powerful yet
affordable entry gaming system.

ASRock B650E PG-ITX Wi-Fi

Accommodating the growing small form factor enthusiast market, the B650E PG-ITX Wi-Fi
is designed to deliver the best functionality, connectivity and performance in the minimum
amount of space. The motherboard includes 10+2+1 105A, SPS VRMs and a 10-layer
PCB design for enhanced performance. Both PCI-Express® 5.0 GPU and M.2 slots are
available, plus M.2 heatsink. Connectivity includes super-fast E3100 2.5G & AX1675 Wi-Fi
6E Killer networking gear for maximum gaming performance.

What makes the ASRock B650E PG-ITX WiFi truly unique is the availability of an eDP
connector. This whole new concept of customization allows an additional monitor to be
mounted on the chassis itself – such as integrated into the side panel, folding out, or
behind a window – enabling exciting new possibilities for personalizing small form factor

Finally, to achieve maximum performance with far less effort, Blazing OC Tuner is available
for every ASRock AM5 motherboards, this APP allows CPU to switch between OC mode
and Precision Boost Overdrive mode base on CPU current as well as temperature, it’s an
easy to use APP that makes optimizing system performance an ease.

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