CES 2023: DeepCool Product Recap on Display

While there were several new products announced in CES 2023 in this site. A DeepCool Product Recap on the display was sent to us listing more products in store for 2023 and here they are. Some of these are already available to the Philippine Market, while others are not yet available. This listing will be as comprehensive as possible.

AK Series Coolers

Currently we have the AK Series with three main models being the AK620, AK500 and AK400. They’re further expanded with the release of their Zero Dark (completely black) models aside from the regular and WH (White). These offer more than adequate air cooling capability for today’s modern CPUs without costing too much.

Deepcool Product Recap

Another lineup of the AK Series that has yet to release here are the Digital variants of the AK Series Coolers. Instead of a simple cover plate over the heatsink fins, a large LCD covering the entire fin stack displaying CPU temperature.

Deepcool Ces20231024 2


Then new cooler featured in our previous post. It’s designed to handle 280W of TDP and is certainly much bigger than the AK620 cooler.

Case Fans

DeepCool Product Recap

After the FK and FC series of cooling fans (I have reviewed the FC120 daisy chain fans last year) comes the FT series with the FT14 140mm Modular Fan being introduced. It uses PPS (Polyphenylene sulfide) plastic, and the rubber dampening corners are of the similar design to the FC series. Not much information about the modularity of this fan design or that of the 3 phase 6 stage motor, but later updates will give more clarity.

All-in-One Liquid Cooling Products

For Liquid Cooling products, DeepCool recaps the latest releases with their LT720 and LT520 coolers featuring an infinity mirror styled pump block. New to the LT series is DeepCool’s own pump design. Now in its 4th Generation, it ensures efficient operation and cooling for today’s CPUs. And unlike other All in One Liquid coolers in DeepCool’s current lineup, the included fans are all FK120 series having incredible pressure.

The other AIO on featured is the LS Series using the FC120 dasiy chainable fans and having the same 4th Generation pump design as the LT series, plus a customizable logo plate. Another upcoming LS series AIO is the LS520 SE Digital, with an LCD pump cover that displays CPU temperature.

DeepCool Product Recap Desktop Cases

There are several new cases introduced during CES 2023, with the CH560 Digital and CH560 (base) headlining initial news. The CH560 Digital is the second DeepCool desktop case that offer an LCD screen for CPU temperature, with the first being the CH510 Mesh Digital also on display in CES.

Another desktop case shown during CES 2023 is the Micro ATX sized CH370 BK/WH. It has a 3D mesh pattern for its front cover. It is, according to the DeepCool website, released as can be seen through the product page.

DeepCool Product Recap

Finally, the Quadstellar makes a comeback with a refreshed design featuring four compartments that isolate heat for each component housed therein.

DeepCool Product Recap Quadstellar

DeepCool Power Supplies

Of course, with the 12VHPWR now being a standard for modern GPUs, part of the DeepCool product recap has included this series of new power supplies, the PX-G and PX-P series.

The PX-G are 80 Plus Gold certified modular power supplies that are aimed for the upper-mainstream segment of PC builders. These come in 850, 1000, 1200 Watt variants.

DeepCool Product Recap PX-G PSU

The PX-P are 80 Plus Platinum certified power supplies that will offer better efficiency and more PCI-E port to power higher end builds. These will only come with 1000 and 1300 Watt variants.

DeepCool Product Recap PX-P PSU

More information and price about these new DeepCool Products will be posted in the coming months.

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