MONTECH Launches High-performance METAL DT24 CPU Coolers and METAL 120 PWM Fan

MONTECH, an innovative PC components and peripherals brand, announces the Metal DT24 BASE and DT24 PREMIUM, dual tower CPU coolers equipped with 2x METAL 120 PWM fans. Featuring a 104-fin stack paired with 6 heat pipes of 6mm diameter each, the METAL DT24 is compatible with the newest INTEL LGA 1700 and AMD AM5 socket with a rated TDP of 270W. The DT24 PREMIUM includes an additional aluminum ARGB top cover. The included METAL 120PWM fans offer speeds of up to 1950 RPM and deliver up to 69CFM of airflow and 2.82mm H2O of static pressure at a 26 dBA noise level. The METAL DT24 BASE is available at MSRP US$57.00, the METAL DT24 PREMIUM is available at MSRP US$69, and the METAL 120 PWM is available at MSRP US$9.90.

High-Performance CPU Coolers – METAL DT24

The dual-tower, dual-fan MONTECH METAL DT24 CPU coolers are built from the ground up for high-performance cooling. The heatsink includes a total of 6x 6mm thick heat pipes for quick and efficient heat transfer from the CPU. The dual-tower cooler has a massive 104-fin stack, which gives the METAL DT24 a surface area of 8553.23 cm2 allowing the cooler to handle up to 270W TDP. The METAL DT24 supports the latest Intel LGA 1700 and AMD AM5+ processors.


Performance with or without ARGB

The MONTECH METAL DT24 is available in BASE or PREMIUM versions. The Metal DT24 PREMIUM includes an additional aluminum ARGB top cover that provides a sleek all-black aluminum cover with ARGB diffuser strip wrapped around the edges. The Metal DT24 PREMIUM top cover adds a mere 5.3mm to the total height of the CPU cooler and is powered by a 5 volts 3-pin ARGB header. It is compatible with all motherboard lighting software.


High-performance Fans & Ultra Durable at 40,000 Hours MTTF

The two included MONTECH Metal 120PWM fans are designed with all-black Airfoil fan blades for exceptional airflow and static pressure. Equipped with an industrial-grade 6-pole motor design for extra durability and use high-quality HDB (Hydro Dynamic Bearing) to reach MTTF 40,000 hours. The fan runs at speeds of 800 to 1950 RPM, the METAL 120 PWM fan can output 69 CFM airflow and 2.82mm H2O static pressure at a low 26 dBA noise level. The Metal 120 PWM fans are also sold separately at US$9.90.


Pricing & Availability

The MONTECH METAL DT24 and METAL 120 PWM are available at AMAZON.

METAL DT24 BASE: $57.00
METAL 120 PWM: $9.90


  • Dual tower, for a total of 104 fins to maximize surface area to 8553.23 cm2
  • 6mm thick copper x 6 heat pipes
  • Includes 2x METAL 120 PWM fans
  • Supports up to 270 Watt TDP
  • METAL DT24 BASE, available at MSRP US$57
  • METAL DT24 Premium, with aluminum ARGB top cover, available at MSRP US$69

METAL 120 PWM fan

  • Unique Airfoil fan blade with high airflow and static pressure design
  • Industrial-grade 6-pole motor
  • Hydro Dynamic Bearing (HDB) with 400,000 hours lifespan
  • Max speed of 1950RPM with 69 CFM airflow, 2.82mm H2O static pressure
  • Quiet operation at max 26 dBA
  • Available at MSRP US$9.90

MONTECH METAL 120 PWM Specification

Product NameMETAL 120 PWM
Dimensions (LxWxH)120x120x24mm
Speed800~1950RPM (±10%)
Bearing TypeHDB
Motor Technology6-pole fan motor
Voltage Range12V
Connector4-pin PWM & Daisy Chain
Cable Length350mm
Airflow (max)69 CFM
Static Pressure (max)2.82 H2O
Noise (max)26 dBA
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