Updated ROG Ryujin III All-in-One CPU Cooler Series Unveiled

ASUSRepublic of Gamers (ROG) today announced the new ROG Ryujin III series of all-in-one CPU coolers, with six different models to choose from. Armed with the latest 8th gen Asetek pump, a larger embedded pump fan, and a beefy 240 mm or 360 mm radiator, these units stand ready to tame CPU heat without breaking a sweat. Three style options cater to any aesthetic, and the customizable 3.5-inch LCD display helps users personalize their PC like never before.

Bold style in three unique looks

To ensure there is an ROG Ryujin III AIO cooler in the perfect style for any build, ROG is launching several new variants. For builders who love the pristine surfaces of an all-white build — and the way that this finish uniquely reflects RGB LED lighting — ROG offers the Ryujin III 240 ARGB White Edition and the Ryujin III 360 ARGB White Edition. For those who prefer classic black, the ROG Ryujin III 240 ARGB and Ryujin III 360 ARGB beckon.

All four of these models are equipped with ROG MF-12S ARGB fans that offer quiet, effective airflow and outstanding style in equal measure. These magnetic fans provide exceptional durability and stability for long-term performance. Their design is precisely aligned with the radiator holes to ensure damage-free assembly. Additionally, these fans are daisy-chainable, making it easy for users to connect their other ARGB case fans with fully synchronized lighting effects and hassle-free cable management from a single connector.

For those who want to drop RGB LED lighting entirely, take a look at the all-black ROG Ryujin III 240 and ROG Ryujin III 360. These AIO coolers are equipped with premium Noctua NF-F12 iPPC 2000 fans. Spinning at a whisper-quiet 29.7 dBA, they offer an excellent balance of airflow and stealthy operation.

Cutting-edge pumps

With their 8th gen Asetek pumps, the ROG Ryujin III AIO coolers deliver exceptional cooling potential, making them ideal partners for the latest high-end chips from Intel® and AMD. These new pumps sport a 3-phase motor capable of higher flow rates at lower impedance than previous generations, all while operating more quietly.

ROG boosted the diameter of the rubber tubes by 40% for better flow as well. The square cold plate is 32% larger than the previous generation, and its size makes it ideal for cutting-edge CPUs. Coolant from the pump passes to a high-volume radiator with 42% higher capacity. Compared to the already excellent ROG Ryujin II models, these new 360 mm AIO coolers deliver temperatures 2° C lower for every 100 watts of load.

Broad compatibility readies the ROG Ryujin III coolers for work in either AMD or Intel machines. Whether users are building a cutting-edge PC with a Z790 or X670 motherboard, these coolers cover their needs. Backward compatibility is extensive, too; included hardware lets users mount them on a motherboard with an AM5 socket, and they are also ready for action on Intel motherboards with LGA 1700, LGA 115X, or LGA 1200 sockets.

In living color

For supreme personalization and invaluable hardware monitoring, users will find a 3.5-inch full-color LCD display atop the pump housing of the ROG Ryujin III AIO coolers. For the new generation, ROG has doubled the available memory from 16 MB to 32 MB to provide clearer content.

ROG Ryujin III Pump Block LCD Screen
ROG Ryujin III Pump Block LCD Screen

Double the memory means double the fun for custom artwork and animations. With the ROG Ryujin III, users can tie the entire aesthetic of their build together with a personalized animation, logo or image. Easy compatibility with JPG and GIF files means that they are only limited by the user’s imagination.

The ROG Ryujin III can also be used for real-time hardware monitoring. Through the easy-to-use Armoury Crate app, users can choose crucial system information such as temperatures, voltages, fan speeds or frequencies, and track that information on the display. For even more advanced monitoring, the ROG Ryujin III series also integrates seamlessly with the AIDA64 Extreme app. If users do not already have a license for this enthusiast-grade software, they will get a one-year subscription to AIDA64 with the purchase of any ROG Ryujin III series AIO liquid cooler.

Share the airflow

ROG Ryujin III AIO coolers focus first and foremost on taming the heat of a cutting-edge CPU, but they are also equipped to improve VRM cooling. An innovative Axial-tech fan embedded right into the pump keeps a steady flow of air to the circuitry surrounding the CPU socket, keeping these components operating at comfortable temperatures.

ROG Ryujin III 360 ARGB
ROG Ryujin III 360 ARGB

ROG has broken new ground in this generation with key upgrades that make the embedded pump fan more effective than ever. The new fan is larger and boasts a Axial-tech design that boosts static pressure by 71%, versus the previous generation. Redesigned airflow channels help direct airflow right where it is needed most. Through ASUS Armoury Crate software, users can easily adjust this fan’s speed to get the right balance of performance and noise levels.

Next-gen cool

The ROG Ryujin III series of AIO liquid coolers will give a user’s next PC build unbeatable style and premium cooling. The wide range of options ensure that there is a perfect model for everyone, in stunning white or stealthy black. No matter which style a user chooses, they will get great cooling performance thanks to the 8th gen Asetek pump and the embedded pump fan. Users can make their build stand out from any PC out there with the fully customizable 3.5-inch display on the pump. Plus, ROG backs these coolers with a generous 6-year warranty, giving users the confidence that their ROG AIO cooler will be helping their PC keep its cool for many years to come.


The ROG Ryujin III series will be available in the Philippines by the end of May 2023, with the following SRPs:

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