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Canon recently announced the launch of the VB-H47/VB-H47B, VB-S32VE, VB-S32D, VB-S820D and VB-S920F, a dynamic range of network cameras built to meet critical surveillance needs with excellent low-light performance. Ideal for crime prevention in urban and retail environments, safety and security implementations in social environments, and quality control in manufacturing facilities, this versatile lineup support a wide variety of uses in different industries and environments.

“As a trusted partner, security and safety continues to be a priority in how we do business,” said Mr. Kenichiro Kitamura, Director of Office Imaging Products (OIP), Canon Philippines. “Every product we release promotes a variety of features, from tools that help protect confidential information to installing safe and secure networks for those in a hybrid working environment. More than just providing solutions that improve business operations, we are constantly reminded by our Kyosei philosophy to create products that allow us to live and work together in harmony.”

All five cameras come equipped with a new, high-sensitivity CMOS sensor that allows the capturing of clear videos in dark environments. Bringing low-light performance to the next level, the network cameras combine a new image processor, along with Canon’s optical technologies and lenses to enable greater imaging capabilities in environments with low illumination and locations prone to glare or changing brightness.

Perfect for nighttime security, the network cameras produce low-noise, clear and detailed images even in environments with no illumination other than ambient starlight. Notably, the VB-H47/VB-H47B realizes improved low-light performance for capturing color images in environments with as little as 0.02 lux for subject illumination, an improvement over predecessor models that require 0.05 lux. All five network cameras feature an all-new image processor that facilitates signal transmission of videos at high frame rates of up to 60fps. The cameras also support video compression formats including H.265 and H.264 High Profile, allowing for the streaming of high-quality videos seamlessly while minimizing data file size.

Canon Network Cameras Lineup

VB-H47 / VB-H47BIndoor PTZ network camera 2MP 60fps with 340⁰ rotation, 20x optical zoom, autofocus, and day/night switching
VB-S32VEOutdoor vandal-resistant compact mini PTZ dome camera suited for discreet monitoring with 3.5x optical zoom
VB-S32DIndoor compact mini PTZ dome camera suited for discreet monitoring with 3.5x optical zoom
VB-S820DIndoor compact fixed dome camera suited for discreet monitoring
VB-S920FIndoor compact fixed box camera suited for discreet monitoring

The VB-H47/VB-H47B, VB-S32VE, VB-S32D, VB-S820D and VB-S920F are now available exclusively through Canon Marketing (Philippines), Inc. To view the complete line-up of products, click here.

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