Sophos advises against growing Cryptocoin Scam in Twitter

Twitter has recently closed down parts of its services to investigate possible security issues that arose the other day. Tweets supposedly from prominent figures  like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos have circulated recently, with links to a cryptocoin scam. During the investigation, Twitter restricted access to n services such as changing passwords and other related security measures. However, informed people can properly protect themselves from falling for such tricks. Security company Sophos advises Twitter users to be aware of the growing Cryptocoin Scam by taking note of the following and prevent endangering their safety:

  • If a message sounds too good to be true, it IS too good to be true. Remember! Musk, Gates, Apple, Biden or any well-known person or company wouldn’t carelessly hand out money. If they wanted to, of course, they wouldn’t demand that you hand them money first. You have to be vigilant see if the gift isn’t a trick! In this case, it most certainly isn’t and also shows an obvious sign of an account being hacked.
  • There’s nothing wrong with investing in cryptocurrency. Your money, your choice. However, keep in mind that cryptocurrency transactions are for the most part, kept anonymous. This anonymity comes with the price of not having the legal protections that you get with banks or payment card companies. You won’t get to call fraud reporting service or transaction cancellation in the world of cryptocurrency. Sending someone crypto is equivalent to handing straight up cold cash. You just wouldn’t get it back.
  • Always be on the lookout for each and every sign that signifies the deal might not be real. Verified accounts often times than not, wouldn’t have spelling mistakes or the important details wrong. But, crooks often they do, like the word “greatful”. So when they do, don’t fall for the scam. Treat it with doubt unless everything checks out!

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