China’s hottest sale, the HUAWEI Mate 50 Pro Phenomenon, is coming to the Philippines this November 18

HUAWEI Philippines is set to release a new smartphone from its Mate Series several days from now to mark the tenth anniversary of the launch of its first Mate smartphones. The Mate Series has been Huawei’s crown jewel in its pursuit of groundbreaking innovations for smartphone technology.

The evolution of the HUAWEI Mate Series over the past decade is the story of smartphone innovation. HUAWEI Mate Series products are designed with an uncompromising attention to detail and represent Huawei’s commitment to serving its users.

The HUAWEI Mate Series smartphones have invariably distinguished themselves from other high-end flagship models with each generation incorporating cutting-edge technology designed to address every user’s evolving needs.

With the increasing need to adapt and transform, the new HUAWEI Mate 50 Pro will enable users to seamlessly navigate their day with the use of innovative technology solutions that allow them to be more efficient and creative.

In China, reservations surpassed 2.45 million units which is testament to the demand for the new HUAWEI Mate 50 Pro. During the First Sale in September, it sold out within just 10 seconds! This phenomenon was followed by long lines of eager customers in front of Huawei company stores.

Design innovation

True to its design language of iconic symmetry, the HUAWEI Mate 50 Pro is rumored to use an elegant step-patterned embossing design for the first time ever, showcasing a new kind of ordered beauty that’s crafted down to the last detail. This stunning time-honored embossing process that originated in France is coupled with independent cameras to reduce the bulging effect of the lenses. Refined processes streamline the camera module, freeing up space and producing a new kind of layered beauty.

Huawei’s commitment to innovative imaging technology

Huawei remains committed in pushing the boundaries of having a next-generation camera experience. Other high end models that advanced this adoption created smartphone chassis designs that are big and bulky, destroying the elegance of the rear design.

Mate models have streamlined camera modules that keep the phone light without compromising on imaging quality. This time around, Huawei camera engineers are said to have taken inspiration from the adjustable aperture design in SLR (single-lens reflex) cameras to bring advanced optical design to smartphones.

The HUAWEI Mate 50 Pro is said to be the first to feature a primary camera with a 10-size adjustable aperture lens, which represents a major advance for smartphone optical design, resulting in a newly enhanced mobile imaging optical system. In Auto Mode, the smartphone can allegedly recognize the elements and light levels in a scene through AI, and intelligently adjusts the light intake, bringing a balance to image quality experience. In dim environments or at night, the wide aperture increases the amount of light intake, brightening the entire image. When taking a group photo in the daytime, a small aperture ensures that each individual and their profile is crystal clear. In high-zoom-level scenarios, a wide aperture can be used to further enhance image quality.

Experienced photographers will have a field day as they can even manually adjust the aperture between 10 different sizes to set the depth of field and bokeh in Professional Mode. Speculations are that the aperture size can be previewed in real time, which makes it easier for users to express themselves.

Empowering the Filipino user experience

Huawei reaffirms its commitment to enriching user experience by creating a powerful and luxurious device that enables Filipinos to be more efficient, productive, and creative.

The new HUAWEI Mate 50 Pro is also rumored to have a special glass incorporated in its design to address the common after-sales maintenance woes related to cracked or broken screens. Huawei engineers apparently took inspiration from the durability of reinforced concrete structures and applied it to the scenarios of mobile phone usage. They decided to add hard crystals to the glass to build a support structure, so as to improve the fall resistance of the glass.

It is speculated to consist of 10 quadrillion-level nanocrystals, greatly improving the durability of the glass. Together with several processing techniques, this glass increases the drop resistance of the phone by 10 times.

Innovative battery and storage features are also said to be added in the mix. This exciting new model truly promises streamlined interactions and powerful performance indeed!

Visit Huawei Philippines’ official pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to know more about the newest HUAWEI Mate which will be available this November 18!

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