Korea in Autumn Captured with the Realme 5!

On my trip last November, Korea in fall has been incredibly stunning! Gorgeous shades of autumn dotted everywhere across the city. The experience truly was breathtaking. The temperature, scenery, and ease in transportation were all perfect for exploring. Thankfully, I had my Realme 5 with me to try and capture it all. 

To start off, check out their cool airport! I really liked the architecture and the color contrast Incheon Airport had.

We had to take a train to get to our hotel cheaper and faster. The train stations were already conveniently connected to the airport and at the same time were a bit bigger than normal trains to better suit people with luggages. I thought that was awesome!

Korea Realme 5

Of all our destinations these three have been my favorite!

In Petite France, true to its name, it really was a small French themed park after The Little Prince! There were small colorful houses and little trinket stores, perfect for pictures!

Koreans must have really loved the Little Prince!

Korea Realme 5

Nami Island had tall, healthy trees that were shedding leaves in fresh autumn colors. You can just plainly see how nice fall is!

There was something enchanting in Nami Island. I definitely bet it’s on how serene the place is.

Korea Realme 5

The Garden of Morning Calm was just wonderful. We were surrounded by hills filled with trees that had varying colors from green to red to yellow. There were also fragrant scents all over the place from the flowers! We went there just by the time when the sun was setting so we also got to see the sun set.

We went to the garden a bit later into the afternoon that’s why there’s this much fog!

Korea Realme 5

Actually, truth be told, from everywhere else, these destinations have been my favorite! Through the bus ride from Seoul to get here and vice versa, you can also get a healthy view all around the cityscape. So, other than seeing gardens, you can also appreciate how tantalizing the buildings and streets are. I thought then, that even if it was just these destinations, it would’ve been enough for me. Really. If you ever think about visiting Korea, these are definitely a must! 

Going forward, take a look at what the city part of Seoul has to offer!

Korea Realme 5

Though heavily surrounded by tall and shining buildings, we can still spot a lot of palaces and shrines everywhere. There’s also a handful of museums scattered around the place with a distinct vibe of their own. With this amazing fusion of culture and industrialization, I can’t help but take some shots with my Realme 5!

We also went up the Namssan Tower where we got a 360 panorama view of the city. However, it was too dark to take pictures. There were views even from the restroom! We had so much fun.

Korea Realme 5

During our trip, we’d have to go out early in the morning and get home late in the night. Aside from the cameras, I appreciated the battery so much too! I can assure you that not once did my Realme 5 go dead on battery. I had it in my hands the whole time, browsing naver maps, taking pictures, but it’s battery is just so superb. On trips like these, Realme 5 is such a practical choice. 

If there’s anything the Realme 5 proved during the length of this journey in Korea is that its specs really are top notch. Much more so with its price in context. Loved Korea and Realme 5! 

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