StackLeague launches Pro and Student Leagues for Season 3!

StackLeague, the largest online programming league in the Philippines, is proud to announce the launch of its highly anticipated Season 3! On Feb 10, participants from all over the Philippines will gather to take part in the season kickoff at Microsoft Philippines in Makati City.

Get ready for Pro and Student Leagues

Stackleague Career Shifter Competition

With over 20,000 challengers in the league, the new season is now divided into two divisions: Pro League and Student League. The Pro League is for professionals already working in the industry while Student League is for students from grade school to college and in between. Season 3 highlights career growth, professional networking, and job opportunities for Pro League players. Student League players, on the other hand, get access to scholarship grants, mentorship, and internship opportunities.

Access year-round cash prizes by leveling up

StackLeague offers three Challenger Levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Reach Gold to automatically earn Php 500.  The more challenges the participants conquer, the more points they accumulate and the higher their ranking rise. Unlock a level to access special giveaways and access to exclusive events and opportunities.

At the end of the year, the Top 10 highest-ranked players from each division will be crowned the country’s best developers with media recognition, cash awards, and special prizes.

More ways to get rewarded

Season 3 offers loads of ways to get rewarded with cash prizes. The Weekly Top 10 rewards players who gained the most points of the week. The Playoff is a battle of top players every month to earn a spot in the Playoffs Finale in December. The Ambassador Program rewards players each month who make time and effort to inspire their community into improving their coding skills. The PVP Mode allows players to challenge other players and bet on points to whoever wins their coding duel. 

Supported by top tech companies

StackLeague is supported by some of the biggest tech companies in the country, such as Microsoft, AWS, Gcash, Deltek, Viber, and Accenture, and companies providing job opportunities such as JobStreet, Workbank, and Kalibrr. 

Powered by advanced talent analytics

Stackleague Challenger At Home

StackLeague is powered by proprietary talent analytics technology designed to evaluate 8 fundamental programming knowledge areas. The chosen fundamental knowledge areas being assessed are based on the guidelines of ACM and the IEEE-CS. These two international organizations govern all degree programs related to computing, including but not limited to computer science, information technology, and software engineering.

Be a challenger

Go out of your comfort zone. Grow your skills by taking challenges and reap rewards through cash prizes and opportunities. Sign up for the league now via

Join the Season 3 Official Launch

Stackleague Competition

Finally, get first dibs on what the league this season has in store for you by joining the official launch of StackLeague Season 3 at Microsoft Philippines, Makati City on February 10, 2023. Reserve your slot now at

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