Eastern Communications’ dedicated internet powers up Acer subsidiary HSN Philippines

Global ICT solutions provider HSN Philippines partners with premier telecommunications company Eastern Communications to elevate its services and business resilience through its Internet Dedicated Service (IDS).  

Eastern Communications

The partnership enables HSN Philippines, a distinguished Acer subsidiary, to harness the power of private and robust network infrastructure that Eastern IDS offers to fortify its day-to-day operations and overall customer experience. 

As a company in one of the most competitive industries, HSN Philippines can take advantage of Eastern IDS’ high-speed premium internet service which allows the company to focus on growing the business in the Asia-Pacific region and staying ahead in the digital landscape. 

“Eastern Communications possesses a profound understanding of the industries they collaborate with and demonstrates adaptability, extensive experience, and value for customer feedback. At present, Eastern serves as our partner provider for the leased line service with a focus on high availability in one of our local office locations,” said HSN Philippines General Manager Diogenes Vasquez.

Sharing a common goal of leveraging technology and industry collaborations to enhance customer service, Eastern Communications and HSN Philippines are looking forward to the exciting opportunities this partnership presents. The collaboration is set to propel HSN Philippines’ endeavors to new heights, redefining the standard for seamless and efficient business connectivity.

“We believe that our combined expertise and shared vision will drive the success of our customers and set new standards in the ICT services and solutions space. Thus, we hope to get Eastern’s continued support and strong connections in our possible collaborations in the future,” Vasquez added. 

Eastern IDS is an ultra-fast, private network connectivity that is perfect for enterprises performing mission-critical operations. Its secure and dedicated network lets users enjoy steadfast internet with no downtime, keeping the service from fluctuating during peak hours.  

Apart from offering high-speed bandwidth options, IDS serves as a flexible and cost-effective connectivity solution for fast-growing businesses, making it a great investment in the long run. 

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To learn more about Eastern Communications’ fast and business-grade connectivity services, visit eastern.com.ph.

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