YouPoundIt.Com: It’s All About the Customer

There is no lack of digital avenues for the average techie, yet seems to be on the right path by identifying itself as a hip but efficient alternative that offers its audience just right amount of fun.

Hatched by former BlackBerry Country Manager Kristian Salvo and backed up by the likes of Lourd De Veyra, Jun Sabayton, Ramon Bautista, and RA Rivera, is more than just your regular online store. It prides itself on three things: it’s diverse product selection (“Like It”); its educational and sharable content (“Know It”), and its customer relations (“Pound It”). What’s really impressive about this new service is that it always thinks of its patrons, and goes over and beyond what others do by offering great content that would help them make smart purchases through brutally honest and often funny reviews called “Jun Sabaytest”. also does its best to offer great before- and after-sales service, as its goal is to keep customers happy enough to do return purchases.

“The easiest way to turn off a customer is when you continuously fall short of their expectations. Yet there seems to be an abundance of businesses here in the Philippines that continue to do so,” Mr. Salvo explains. “They all lack one important trait – being customer-centric. We as consumers suffer and tend to settle due to lack of better alternatives. We would like to give you a better alternative with” now ships nationwide. To see their current offerings, visit Don’t forget to take a peek at their blog:

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