Windows 10
Microsoft to Offer Windows 10 Updates to All — Even to Pirates

If you can't beat them, join them. This seems to be Microsoft's game plan as it recently revealed that it will be providing Windows 10 upgrades to everyone ...

Kita-kits, Internet Explorer!

Some time ago, we wrote about Microsoft's plans of launching a new browser and finally retiring Internet Explorer. Well, it has finally come to pass as the ...

Microsoft Unveils Two New Devices: the HoloLens and the Surface Hub

Microsoft didn't just give audiences a peak into Windows 10. They also introduced new devices to go with it: the Microsoft HoloLens and the Microsoft Surface ...

Microsoft Brings Cortana to PCs with Windows 10

With the goal of making a unified system across all devices that can be interacted with naturally through voice, gesture, and even gaze, Microsoft has given ...

The “Next Chapter” for Windows 10

A few months back, we wrote about the unveiling of Microsoft's newest OS. Now, the tech giant is set to show the world the latest  Windows 10 updates on ...

Microsoft Fast-forwards to Windows 10

Just when people are starting to get used to Windows 8, Microsoft has shaken things up once again with the unveiling of its newest flagship operating system, ...

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