Microsoft Unveils Two New Devices: the HoloLens and the Surface Hub

Microsoft didn’t just give audiences a peak into Windows 10. They also introduced new devices to go with it: the Microsoft HoloLens and the Microsoft Surface Hub.

The Microsoft HoloLens reminds us of Oculus Rift, the virtual reality headset for gaming. However, the HoloLens goes beyond gaming: it’s touted as “the world’s first holographic computing platform”, and it comes with APIs that will enable developers to create apps for it. So basically, it’s what you see Iron Man do in the movies when he pulls up holographic screens that respond to command gestures — although the transparent display may still be a few years down the road.

Microsoft HoloLens
The HoloLens is a computer on its own, so it doesn’t need to be connected to PC. It also syncs with all Windows 10 devices, putting you at the center of  Microsoft’s newest OS.

Next is the Microsoft Surface Hub, which is a large screen multi-touch device made for teams in the workplace. It has built-in motion and sound sensors, cameras, WiFi, and even NFC. Input can be done via gesture, voice, touch, and pen, and since it has a whiteboard function that smoothly integrates with other apps, it erases the need to take photos of board notes made during meetings.

Microsoft Suface Hub

The Surface Hub is available in two sizes — 55-inch and 84-inch — but there’s currently no word regarding price.

It looks like Microsoft is pulling out all the stops in delivering  exciting and relevant software and hardware products. In February, the company will be releasing its first technical preview for phones, and we’re hoping its as innovative as what we’ve seen so far.

Source: Windows Blog, Microsoft News

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