July 2020 Macross News

Hey everyone! It’s time once again for the round up of the July 2020 Macross News. It’s still gonna be centered mostly on toys and kits, as the primary theme of The Toy Cabinet. For this article though, we’re gonna squeeze in a few Macross-related news outside of toys and kits. Let’s get right to it then!

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For our July 2020 Macross News, we got 3 Hasegawa releases to look forward to. Two of these are reissues and one is a brand new release.

Hasegawa 1/72 Sv-262Ba Kassim Eberhardt custom with LilDrakens

July 2020 Macross News - 1/72 Sv-262Ba Kassim custom
Price: JPY 4,400
Preorder start: 2020.09.25
Release date: 2020.09.30

This is the first appearance of Kassim/Qasim Eberhardt’s custom Sv-262Ba in 1/72 scale model kit form. He was an apple farmer before he became a member of the Aerial Knights. A pacifist at heart, he mostly fights so that he can restore peace to their kingdom and return to his family.

Based on the images above, this will mostly be a color swap of the previously released Sv-262Ba Draken III with LilDrakens. (Mirage used this unit in the Macross Delta movie.) It comes with a stand, as well as decals to match Kassim’s custom markings. The model can be built with gears retracted or extended, and with LilDrakens mounted or not.


Below is a summary of the reissues from Hasegawa. Click on the individual links for more details of each item. As the links are in Japanese, you can use Google Translate or any other online translation tool for your convenience.

Hasegawa 1/72 VF-1J Super Gerwalk Max/Millia custom

NOTE: This kit contains enough parts to build only one (1) Super Gerwalk in either Max Jenius or Millia Jenius colors.

July 2020 Macross News
Price: JPY 3,600
Preorder start: 2020.09.11
Release date: 2020.09.16
Boxart by Hidetaka Tenjin

Hasegawa 1/72 RVF-25 Messiah

Note: This kit does NOT include any AIF-7S/QF-4000 GHOST fighter

July 2020 Macross News
Price: JPY 3,200
Preorder start: 2020.09.11
Release date: 2020.09.16
Boxart by Hidetaka Tenjin


Bandai has not been slacking off for this month, with another major DX 1/48 release as well as reissues of classic model kits.

DX 1/48 Super Parts set for TV edition VF-1

July 2020 Macross News

In our previous Macross news article, I mentioned the release for the DX 1/48 VF-1S Roy Focker Special. I also wondered whether Bandai will release a TV style Super Pack to go along with it. Well it seems like Bandai has that covered, as they are releasing the Super Parts Set for TV Edition VF-1.

Unlike the previously released Strike/Super Parts set for VF-1, this set does not include the Mauler RO-X2A beam cannon pod, a.k.a. Strike Pack. However, it does include 6 x RMS-1 Large Anti-Ship Reaction Missiles, previously only included in the VF-1 Missile Set.

Another noticeable difference of course are the shape and details of the arm armors between the DYRL style pack and TV style pack:

July 2020 Macross News
Originals of these cropped images are from the Macross Mecha Manual

Below are some more pictures of the Super Pack set equipped on the VF-1S Roy Focker Special:

While this is labeled as “TV-style”, I’m pretty sure this will just be as compatible with other DX 1/48 VF-1 releases. In-universe, this will be a great fit on the VF-1J. However, Max and Millia’s machines have also been depicted with custom color schemes, such as with the Hi-Metal R releases…

I can see Bandai doing a similar release in the DX 1/48 line. It’s easy enough to repaint the TV style parts in these custom scheme. C’mon Bandai, make it happen!


The P-Bandai site has posted several Macross model kits up for reissue, including some classic ones. All of the kits are due for reissue on December 2020. Click the link above to get to the actual site with the individual links for each release.

(Note: If you get redirected to the P-Bandai Global page, close the tab and click the link again to view it.)


Aoshima’s website posted new images for the previously announced VF Girls VF-25G Super Messiah Klan Klang Custom:

The VF-25G itself can be displayed separately in Fighter form:

Klan Klang can also be displayed separately (additional images are from Dengeki Hobby):

Klan Klang can also equip the Super Pack directly, and she also comes with Michel’s eyeglasses:

The VFG VF-25G Super Messiah Klan Klang custom is priced at JPY 9,800 and will be released November of 2020. Aoshima definitely stepped up their game with this VFG release!

On another Macross kit release, a few days ago, Max Factory’s official Twitter account posted these CAD WIP images of the PLAMAX 1/72 VF-1 from the Minimum Factory line:

Fans have been waiting for this kit as a possible alternative to the (admittedly) more difficult-to-build VF-1 kits from Hasegawa. Based on these images, it looks like this kit will either be snap build or have better parts separation. In any case, I’m looking forward to the finished product.


And last but not the least, a new book titled “Shoji Kawamori Macross Designer’s Note” is coming out!

The description says:


(Many design sketches of the 40-year “Macross” series by Shoji Kawamori are gathered here!)

This looks quite similar to the previously released book “Macross Variable Fighter Designers Note”, also by Softbank Publishing:

If I have to make a guess, the new book coming out will not just focus on Variable Fighters, but other items and design elements in Macross that Kawamori-sensei has had a direct hand working on.

Shoji Kawamori Macross Designer’s Note is priced at JPY 7,480 and will be out on 2020.10.22. Another awesome book to add to your Macross collection!

And that wraps up this month’s edition of Macross News. Stay tuned and DECULTURE!!

Product images are property and copyright of Hasegawa, Bandai, Aoshima and Max Factory websites. Additional images courtesy of Dengeki Hobby.

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