The Toy Cabinet interviews: WVN111

Good day ToyCabbers! Today we are starting a new segment focused on interviewing hobbyist and collectors from all ages and walks of life. For this article, The Toy Cabinet interviews: WVN111.

WVN111 is a friend and fellow content creator here in Digital Reg on the GO, where he has written a few articles under the Wheels segment of the blog. However, like me, he is also an avid collector and also a seasoned model kit builder. Let’s get to know him and his passion for the hobby, as The Toy Cabinet interviews: WVN111.

The Toy Cabinet interviews: WVN111


Komrad Conrad: Hey bro, thanks for giving me this chance to interview you. For starters, can you give us a quick introduction about yourself?

WVN111: I’m WVN111, currently living at the heart of Tarlac City.
I design houses including the interiors.

KC: Cool, sounds like you’re a very a busy man. In your free time, what hobbies do you squeeze in?

WVN: My hobbies are Drawing, fixing cars and building model kits.

KC: I can definitely see drawing and fixing cars as a possible influence as well as help building model kits. But how did you get into scale models?

WVN: My late uncle was into building scale model. I was 10 years old back then when he showed me his builds. He was the one who introduced scale model kits to me. My uncle was into military tanks and planes.

WVN: My first model kit was bought in Unimart, which back then, also sold a lot of scale models. It was an E2C Hawkeye. When I got home, I opened the box and saw different parts of the plane, and they were all gray. I had no idea how to connect them all together. Didn’t know that I had to buy model kit cement to bond the parts. What I used back then was Elmer’s glue – the same one I use in school for art class. Hahaha.

KC: Hahaha! That is quite a funny intro to your first model kit. My first model kit experience kind of went the same way, lol.

Getting into the hobby

KC: So, as someone who’s been into the hobby since childhood, I’m guessing you enter competitions frequently?

WVN: Yes I did enter, but, no trophies yet. 😁

KC: Well that’s OK bro, after all, we get into the hobby first and foremost as a way to unwind. Finishing a kit is a win on its own already, and winning a contest is just icing on the cake.

On another note: From the time you started scale modeling, how much has the hobby changed for you?

WVN: Oh! It changed a lot! I started mastering how to paint by using a paint brush, next thing I started learning to paint with spray cans. Now I am into air brushing.

WVN: The model kits also evolved. Some model kits are now snap-build. So it helps those who are starting the hobby. Not unlike before, we need a lot of cement just to put a kit together.

KC: Lots of progress there, I wish I could do the same in my case… On average, how much time do you spend working on a model kit?

WVN: It depends on the size of the kit. If it’s a small snap-build kit, and with only minimal painting needed, I would probably take me 2-3 days. But if it’s just Out-Of-The-Box (OOTB) snap-build, it would just take 2-3 hours straight.

KC: And here I struggle with finishing a small snap-build kit within a day’s time… What are the subjects or themes you usually work on in scale modeling?

WVN: I’m into Macross, Gundams, automobiles and military air craft/naval ships.

KC: Nice, lots of common subjects for us in the hobby. Do you also accept commission works?

WVN: Yes, I’ve done several commission works already.

Works and the hobby community

KC: What is your usual start-to-finish routine when working on a hobby subject?

WVN: I always start in the morning with a cup of coffee, while I look for some ideas around the house. Do some research on the internet. Sometimes I do a sketch of my kit to see what would it look like and if the colors are good… And I also like to listen to jazz music while working on a kit.

KC: How do you convince other people to get into scale modeling?

WVN: That’s simple. I tell them, “Rather than getting into drugs, get addicted to scale modeling.”

KC: Wise words, bro. Money well spent also. Do you think the hobby community has evolved for the better?

WVN: Hmm… hard to say. On the one hand, it’s great that many people are getting into the scale model hobby, especially due to the lockdowns. But on the other, I find that some newcomers to the hobby can be… lazy, and prefer spoon-feeding of ideas and techniques.

KC: It’s interesting you mention that, as I’ve had a few similar interactions… How do you respond to them?

WVN: I try as much to encourage them to do their own research and don’t be afraid to try out things on their own. Scale modeling is a hobby that is best experienced first-hand, after all.

KC: More words of wisdom bro, and couldn’t agree more. Do you have a link to your latest works or ongoing WIPs?

WVN: Sure, you can check out Project Weng-Weng on Facebook. It’s a new page, but I’ve already started posting WIP pics and videos of my ongoing WIP, the Tamiya 1/24 R32 Nissan Skyline. Check out a WIP video here. I’ll share some WIP images as well.

KC: Oh, wow, an iconic design from Nissan. Can’t wait for the finished model!

Well thank you WVN111 for taking the time for this interview, looking forward to see more of your works.

WVN: Thanks as well! I hope the aspiring modelers out there who read this interview will be convinced to get into the hobby too!

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