DeepCool Booth COMPUTEX 2023 Coverage

DeepCool Booth for COMPUTEX 2023 brings us with updates on their new PC components. While most of their product displays came from CES 2023, we got up close and personal look at some of the brand-new components at their booth at the Regent Hotel Taipei.

DeepCool Morpheus Modular PC Chassis

The main display for DeepCool is their brand-new Full-Sized Desktop case, the DeepCool Morpheus. The main aspect of this case is the configuration of its internals. Users can choose to setup their case as a standard single chamber case, or set it up as a dual chamber desktop case. The motherboard tray is removable, and can be built to fit in the case as a dual chamber tray.

There are two rear panels to choose, one configured for a single chamber and another for dual chamber. Other included pieces are drive trays that can be attached to the 2nd chamber, or under the power supply area/shroud, which is also a modular piece for single chamber configuration. There’s also a digital panel that can be attached to the power supply shroud providing users with system information, similar to DeepCool’s CH560 Digital.

Other nifty features include a PCIE Gen4 Riser included to the package. This will allow users to install their GPUs vertically in a dual chamber configuration. The case maximizes fan compatibility, allowing up to a maximum of six 200mm fans to be installed. This means, a maximum of fifteen 140mm fans in a dual chamber configuration: 6 fans in a push-pull configuration for a 420mm radiator on top, 3 fans in front, 3 on the side and three on the bottom.

Screenshot 2023 06 11 144758

For a single chamber configuration, there’s a whole lot more configuration that may require me to spend a day trying out more setups with multiple radiators. The sample photos provided just does not provide enough information for a more final fan setup.

Part of the aesthetics of the Morpheus is DeepCool’s pixel style square pattern for its panels. DeepCool introduces a pack of rubberized buttons that allows users to design pixel art on the case. Now for the colors. Officially the only colors available are Black and White. The sample comes in DeepCool’s blue/green company brand color and it’s currently a one-off sample. Depending on feedback they might release it as a limited run colorway.

DeepCool Assassin IV

Announced in CES 2023, the DeepCool Assassin IV is a highly anticipated air cooler that trumps the DeepCool AK620 both in design and cooling. It uses a combination of 120mm (inside) and 140mm outside. The design of the DeepCool Assassin IV allows for RGB RAM modules to be installed without hindrance, unlike the AK620, which its front fan would normally obstruct RAM modules (and even limit to a particular type of RAM module that has a low height).

Several working units are displayed in the DeepCool booth. As mentioned, the inner fan of the Assassin IV is 120mm sized, as it slots inside the middle of the twin fin stack. It is concealed by a plastic cover that blends in with the overall design of the cooler. The 140mm fan also blend in with the cooler and attaches to the rear using plastic clips, unlike the metal clips used in the AK620. We can also install another 140mm fan in front of the cooler if we want to.

Finally, we can manually set fan speeds using a switch on the cooler, this will enable to cooler to run silently, or high performance. The DeepCool logo will light up when set to performance mode.

DeepCool LT820 AIO and LS720 SE Digital WH

Another new product, the LT820 is a 420mm length radiator with three FK140 fans providing silent and high-performance liquid AIO cooling.

Screenshot 2023 06 11 150918

The LS720 SE Digital WH is the first of their liquid all-in-one coolers that will come with an LCD display for CPU temperatures that will be driven by HWInfo. It is based on the SE version of the LS720 released earlier, but this time the white version comes with the digital/LCD display first before the black version.

DeepCool AN600 Air Cooler

The AN600 is DeepCool’s foray into slim air coolers for mini ITX builds. Unlike their existing OEM style air coolers, this factors in height, this has a low-profile design and uses a 120mm slim high airflow fan to provide ample cooling to both the CPU and motherboard VRMs.

DeepCool Digital AirCoolers

Announced also during CES 2023, DeepCool has now displayed all models of their upcoming popular air coolers from AK400 to AK620 with digital displays. Spread on a large table at the DeepCool Booth this COMPUTEX 2023, interestingly enough, some new air coolers were added into the list. AK500s Digital and AK500s WH Digital are brand new air cooler designs that are slimmer than the original AK500, but still thicker than the AK400 giving a happy medium.

DeepCool PX-P 1300W Power Supply

There is one sample of the PX-P Series Power Supply in the DeepCool booth. It is their PX-P 1300W model along with all of its cables. One question that popped on this new power supply was, which OEM company made the power supply? The older PQ850M I reviewed previously was made by Seasonic. In this case the PX-P series is made by another reputable power supply manufacturer: Channel Well Technology or CWT, which makes power supplies for other known brands.

That’s it for the DeepCool Booth Coverage for COMPUTEX 2023!

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