ePLDT, Microsoft collaborate to empower enterprises in securing digital transformation initiatives

In today’s digital era where cyber threats are an ever-present danger, ePLDT and Microsoft emphasize the importance of prioritizing and investing in cybersecurity for enterprises to achieve success in their digital transformation efforts. 

To further this commitment, the tech companies have joined forces to launch the Security Simplified: ePLDT & Microsoft Security Roundtable Discussions. This initiative brings together industry leaders to encourage conversations on leveraging available technologies to secure digital transformation initiatives. 

Securing Digital Transformation Initiatives

The kick-off event of the roundtable series focused on the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance Industry (BFSI) – an industry identified for its susceptibility to rising cyber threats according to a study released by Statista earlier this year. Held 6 June 2023 at the Microsoft Office in Makati City, the event featured industry experts who discussed the latest forms and cases of cyberattacks affecting BFSI and how businesses can simplify their cybersecurity approach using Microsoft’s suite of security products.   

digital transformation - epldt x microsoft

Armie Sason, CRM Head for Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance Industry (BFSI) opens the kick-off of Security Simplified Roundtable Discussions by emphasizing the need to secure every and all digital transformation efforts 

Looking ahead, ePLDT and Microsoft will also hold other discussions that will explore cybersecurity challenges in other industries. The next roundtable series will focus on conglomerates and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). 

By fostering collaborative discussions and sharing best practices, ePLDT and Microsoft are committed to empowering enterprises across various sectors to navigate the digital landscape securely. 

Find out how ePLDT and Microsoft can help secure your digital transformation, contact your Relationship Manager or visit www.ePLDT.com

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