Dare to be the greatest with the all-new M4 World Championship Battle Pass and more!

MOONTON Games and the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Indonesia have jointly announced new in-game and offline initiatives for the M4 World Championship, happening in Jakarta between 1 – 15 January 2023. The M4 Battle Pass, group draw results, M4 Beatrix (Light Chaser and Stellar Brilliance) skins, and the overarching theme – #DareToBeGreat were showcased during a mutli-lingual livestream during the joint press conference. 

The international gaming developer reaffirmed its strong commitment to nurturing the gaming and esports ecosystem in Indonesia, through long-term educational initiatives and promoting esports talents within the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League in Indonesia, the pioneering mobile national esports league. 

“We’re excited to finally bring the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang World Championship to Indonesia, home to the most passionate fans in the community. The nation has been a key driver in pursuing the growth of the mobile esports and gaming industry, and we are thankful for the support of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy.” stated Martinus Manurung, Head of Marketing and Business Development Esports, MPL Indonesia. 

“We are delighted that Indonesia was chosen as the M4 World Championship host country this year,” stated Muhammad Neil El Himam, Deputy Chairman for Digital Economy and Creative Products, Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy. “The easing of measures will enable international fans to get up and close with their favourite esports teams in-person, with matches now going fully offline. The esports and gaming sector are a pivotal driver to the creative economy, with much room for growth. We look forward to welcoming fans from around the globe to witness the pinnacle of MLBB Esports in Indonesia.” 

Drawing the challengers to the Group Stage arena

The results of the group draw saw surprising matchups between Blacklist International and Falcon Esports in Group A, and Group B for ONIC and TODAK. The full results from the draw can be found below:

M4 World Championship Group Draw

Running from 1 to 4 January, the Group Stage will see the sixteen teams vying for a spot at the top of the list to secure their positions for the Knockout Stage in a single round-robin format (BO1). Thereafter, the top two teams from each group will head to the upper bracket with the rest shifted to the lower bracket. 

The Knockout Stage will take place from 7 to 15 January in a double elimination format that will feature competing teams facing each other in a BO5 series with the exception of 9 and 10 January (BO3), where matches will be played in a BO3 format. The grand finale will see the top two MLBB squads battle it out in a BO7 series for the lion’s share of USD 800,000 and acquring the chance to choose the M4 winner’s championship skin and a UBS-exclusively designed gold ring.

Dare to be great with the M4-exclusive Beatrix Light Chaser and Stellar Brilliance skins 

Key Art of Stellar Brilliance, Beatrix M4 Skin
Key Art of Light Chaser, Beatrix M4 Skin

To celebrate the M4 World Championship festivities, get the all new Beatrix skins and M4 Battle Pass from 20 December onwards! Players can stand to win various exclusive rewards from the Battle Pass, skins, tokens, and much more: 

  1. M4 Battle Pass
  • Avaliable from 20 December to 22 January, players can acquire M4 exclusive rewards including the M4 Beatrix Stellar Brilliance skin, M4 effects, M4 avatar border, M4 Glorious Trail, M4 Graffiti, and a special set of actions by levelling up the battle pass. Players can also choose to level up and unlock the Battle Pass through diamonds, which grants them access to the M4 Beatrix Stellar Brilliance skin and premium-level pass rewards. Preorders for the battle pass will begin on 8 December. 
  • Players can also play and acquire the M4 Coin to exchange for rewards inside the M4 Event Store. 
  • Alternatively, players can purchase the Beatrix Light Chaser skin for as low as 399 diamonds, or level up their respective battle pass to Level 75 to acquire the Beatrix Stellar Brilliance skin, and receive the M4 Beatrix Figurine once they’ve reached Level 150.   
  1. M4 Pass Event Store 
  • Missed out on past M1 and M2 championship rewards? Turn back the clock by acquiring the event shop currency, which can be obtained via the M4 Pass rewards or by purchasing diamonds.    
  1. M4 Party Week and Battle Night Chest 
  • Celebrate the grand final of the M4 World Championship by completing Party Week tasks to acquire experience needed to level up the M4 Battle Pass and Battle Night Chest! From 16 to 22 January, players can quickly level up and gain rewards. 
  • There will be a randomised Battle Bonus, which entitles users to either 100% EXP / Battle Points / Star-Raising Points, Protection Points, or Team Star Protection every day, during Party Week. 
  • There will be a special celebration for the M4 World Championship winning country, which enables players from the same region to receive a special champion bonus. 
  • By logging into Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on 21 January and with the Battle Night Chest at level 5, players can select a skin of their choice – including Epic and Legendary skins. 
  1. M4 Team Support and Guess the Winner 
  • Support your favourite teams during the M4 World Championship by voting for them and guessing the correct winning team. Players will get a free support chance each day, and they can unlock more chances to support their favourite esports squad by purchasing them with diamonds. There will also be a special Grand Final Guess in the events page for players to surmise the correct M4 World Champion! 
  • The teams with the highest number of votes will also receive the M4 Fan Choice Award and  Team of the Year onsite in Jakarta, which will be presented and awarded on 7 January. The winners will receive 15 medals and rings from UBS Gold. 
  1. M4 Ranked Boost 
  • Players can purchase the M4 Banner of Morale for just 10 diamonds, which can be activated during Ranked Mode during the Hero Selection phase. This enables them to acquire more M4 Battle Pass EXP if the match is won!
    • The M4 Banner of Morale can also be acquired through the M4 Battle Pass (either through leveling up or buying), with a weekly purchase limit. 
  1. M4 Viewer Bundle 
  • Should the viewership for the M4 World Championship hit certain peaks, free rewards and codes will be issued! Do watch the competition online at TikTok, Youtube, Facebook Gaming, and more to keep an eye out for the in-game code, which can be redeemed on the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang code redemption page here: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/codexchange
  1. M4 Tournament Glory
  • Witness a new chapter of the MLBB Esports journey, with the players’ heroic feats being recorded in the Tournament Glory feature! 
  • Players can receive a special badge and avatar to display, once a team’s fan level reaches 1.
  • Should a player support multiple teams, the team with the highest Fan Level will be displayed on the event page instead. 
  1. M5 Battle Pass Skin Poll 
  • From 15 January, players can choose the M5 Championship Skin from a hero pool of 30! Complete event tasks to acquire votes to choose your favourite hero. 
  • The selected M5 Battle Pass Skin chosen by the community will be announced on 12 Februrary!

Directions and access to the international championship

For more information on the M4 World Championship, fans can access the official site at http://m4.mobilelegends.com/ to check out the group standings, schedule, team information, and location.  

The M4 World Championship is powered by MOONTON Games, presented by TikTok, and proudly supported by Secretlab, Gank, MeWatch, Esports Charts, Infinix, Grab, Axis, VIDIO, Smart, Samsung, Maya, iWANTFC, Hotlink, eGG Network, Metfone and Sting. Hosted in Jakarta for the very first time, the M4 World Championship brings together sixteen of the best global Mobile Legends: Bang Bang teams to compete for the prestigious title. 

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