Outstanding Pinoy Indie Games That You Should Look Forward To – #ESGS2022 Indie Party Showcase

Tons of game developers here in the Philippines are talented but due to unfortunate circumstances, they were not able to get a spotlight in exhibiting to the public their works. But today, with the ESGS 2022 Indie Party, they got the opportunity to showcase their games in the biggest convention of its kind in the Philippines. 

Indie Games @ ESGS 2022 (Indie Party)

The Indie Party in ESGS 2022 is presented by the Game Developers Association of The Philippines (GDAP). It is a mix of private indie game developers and student game developers. In this article, we will showcase the private indie game developers to give them an opportunity to show the world what their games are. If you are interested to learn more about their games, we included links so that you can learn from them. You can also follow their social media for you to be updated about their latest news. And if you would like to be notified about the indie game development scene in the Philippines, you should follow the GDAP Facebook page.

Taktyl Studios – MechaBlitz

MechaBlitz Games

MechaBlitz is a competitive mecha PVP and PVE game that is currently available in the Android platform in its early access and fortunately, we are looking forward to their target to release a PC port on steam next year. The game has tons of customization from your weapon up to its mecha parts and right now its game mode is 1v1, 2v2, or free for all battles. For news and updates of MechaBlitz do check out their Facebook page.

senshi.labs – In Time: Earth


In Time: Earth is a puzzle platformer game that promotes the proper disposal of e-waste and it also educates on repairing it rather than just throwing it away. The game started as a capstone and now it is available to play on Itch.io. Do check out senshi.labs Facebook page for more news and updates about their games.

Psychic City Games – Meet Me on the Mountain


Meet Me on the Mountain is a Game Jam Plus submission and won the award of Best Game in Asia, Best Sound Design, and Game of the Year which makes it the first Filipino to win the international game development marathon. The game is an interactive fiction that has a lot of puzzle-solving and storytelling about Julia’s memories on her search to put the pieces together and know the painful truth she’s trying to keep from herself. You can try the demo on its Itch.io page and they are planning to release the full game version hopefully by next year. You can check out their Twitter for news and updates about their games.

Ardeimon – Craggenrock


Craggenrock is a 2D crafting shop management game where you can craft and sell weapons. The game was born because of its fascination with the crafting system in the game of Divinity: Original Sin. It started its development 5 years ago and was recently focused full-time. Hopefully, the game will launch next year in Q3 of 2023. To learn more about the game you may visit its Steam Page and to be updated about the game you may also follow its developer’s Twitter page.

Bears Downstairs – Working Tidal


Working Tidal is an action RPG bullet hell roguelike game. The game started as a traditional RPG but it was not enough so, it evolved into a battle that happened in real-time. Currently, the game which was showcased in ESGS is an early preview. At present they are finishing their pitch for Philippines Indie Games Initiative (PROJECT PIGI) in November this year. About the release status of the game, they are hoping that they can release it early next year. You can follow Snackbyte on Twitter for news and updates about the game.

Team Good Knight – Good Knight


Good Knight is a one-button bullet hell butt-clenching and emotional rollercoaster game. It is known in the PH vtuber scene, Which, I think probably sooner or later, we might be diving more on how it became a known game in the PH vtuber scene. Currently it is in early access and is available to purchase on Steam. You can follow Team Good Knight on Facebook for news and updates about the game.

Ranida Games – Vita Fighter


Vita Fighter is an action fighter game that will be available on PC. You can actually download it now on Android and IOS. It has a simple low poly design that has tons of characters to choose from based on anime, pop culture, and classic fighting games. You can install the game now and play it on your Android and IOS. For PC, you can wishlist it on Steam. If you want to get updated about their game, you can follow its Facebook page.

Polylab Studio – Lightbringer

Picture Courtesy of Polylab Studio Facebook Page

Lightbringer is an FPS action game, it took inspiration from classic shooter games such as Doom and Hexen Beyond Heretics. You will be controlling a Lightbringer, a powerful mage where you will use chaos to bring order to its world. You can try the game on Itch.io and you can follow its Facebook page for news and updates.

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