Purchase these Great Anker Products up to 40% off at the Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day

Anker, the global leader in charging technology will be having an online sale at the Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day. What’s great about this sale is not only they are offering up to 40% off from their original retail price, they have other products that you can use for your household since working at home is the new norm.

Let me share with you some of these interesting products you can find on Anker’s 9.9 sale.


Anker Shopee 9.9

Unlike other 10,000mAh powerbanks, the Anker PowerCore Metro Slim 10000 has an ultra-slim form factor that is easy to slip in your carry-on bag. Its sleek fabric and matte exterior adds some premium touch which makes it appear above average than other powerbanks.

Anker Shopee 9.9

Don’t underestimate this slim and light power charging device as it can power up the latest smartphones and tablets. Anker’s exclusive PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technology makes it possible to deliver the fastest charge for any mobile device. Also, Anker’s 11-point safety system provides superior protection for you and your devices.

Purchase the Anker PowerCore Metro Slim 10000 at the Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day by clicking on this link: https://shopee.ph/PowerCore-Metro-Slim-10000-i.7516924.7346247845?smtt=9&utm_source=website&utm_medium=seller&utm_campaign=p7516924_SS_PH_OTHR_brandspush-september&utm_content=ankerb1sku1&deep_and_web=1&pid=website&c=p7516924_SS_PH_OTHR_brandspush-september

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Anker Shopee 9.9

Secure your household by purchasing the Anker Eufy Cam Kit 1080p Wire-Free Security AI Camera. The Eufy Cam is easy to install and doesn’t require any wires. Just screw the mount on any surface and wireless surveillance with 2-way radio and it’s good to go! This IP65 weatherproof-rated camera can run for 365 days on a single charge.

Anker Shopee 9.9

The Anker Eufy Cam supports 1080p resolution and ensures video is recorded with crystal-clear quality both day and night. No need to worry about monthly fees because the Anker Eufy Cam doesn’t require it. It’s FREE to use! It comes with a 16GB MicroSD card that stores up to one-year’s worth of recordings.

Anker Shopee 9.9

Purchase the Anker Eufy Cam Kit 1080p Wire-Free Security AI Camera at the Anker Official Shopee Store by clicking on this link: https://shopee.ph/Anker-Eufy-Cam-Kit-1080p-Wire-Free-Security-AI-Camera-i.7516924.2158678905?smtt=9&utm_source=website&utm_medium=seller&utm_campaign=p7516924_SS_PH_OTHR_brandspush-september&utm_content=ankerb1sku2&deep_and_web=1&pid=website&c=p7516924_SS_PH_OTHR_brandspush-september


Anker Shopee 9.9

If there is one bluetooth speakerphone I’d like to buy, it would be the Anker Powerconf. I have seen a review of the Anker Powerconf Bluetooth Speakerphone by popular YouTube Channel Unbox Therapy and I was very impressed. This is perfect for people working at home who don’t want to be glued to their headsets during conference calls.

Anker Shopee 9.9

The Anker Powerconf has an Omni-Directional Voice Pickup with 6 microphones arranged in a 360 degree array. It can pick up voices anywhere in a room up to 8 people. The Powerconf can reduce background noise by 20 decibels to ensure your voice is picked-up without the distracting noises. The speakerphone automatically balances the sound of your voice to make up for differences in volume and distance from the speakerphone. Just like any Anker products, the Powerconf can be easily setup via Bluetooth or USB-C cable. No need to worry about its battery life as the Powerfonc has a built-in 6,700mAh battery that can last up to 24 hours of call time.

Anker Shopee 9.9

The Anker Powerconf Bluetooth Speaker is a remarkable product and can be purchased at the Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day. Click on this link to buy: https://shopee.ph/Anker-PowerConf-Bluetooth-Speakerphone-i.7516924.5446246541?smtt=9&utm_source=website&utm_medium=seller&utm_campaign=p7516924_SS_PH_OTHR_brandspush-september&utm_content=ankerb1sku3&deep_and_web=1&pid=website&c=p7516924_SS_PH_OTHR_brandspush-september

Check out other the great products Anker is offering by visiting their Official Shopee Online Store: https://shopee.ph/ankerphilippines?smtt=9&utm_source=website&utm_medium=seller&utm_campaign=p7516924_SS_PH_OTHR_brandspush-september&utm_content=ankerb1&deep_and_web=1&pid=website&c=p7516924_SS_PH_OTHR_brandspush-september

I highly suggest to download the Shopee app now before the Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day event. Click here to download the official Shopee app for your iOS or Android device: https://shopee.ph/universal-link/?c=PRxBrandsPush&deep_and_deferred=1&utm_medium=PRxBrandsPush&smtt=9&pid=PRxBrandsPush&utm_source=PRxBrandsPush

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