ASUS Worry-Free WiFi Giveaway Campaign Launched

ASUS routers have won the PCMag Reader’s Choice Award every single year since 2012, a total of 11 consecutive years, making them the top choice for networking. To promote the benefits of ASUS extendable routers powered by ASUS AiMesh technology, ASUS today announced an exciting Worry-Free WiFi giveaway campaign with a prize pool of ASUS hardware worth over US$10,000. The campaign will run from June 16 – July 23, 2023.

Prizes up for grabs include 80 premium extendable routers — including the ASUS RT-AX86U Pro, ASUS RT-AX58U and ASUS RT-AX57 models — and a Zenbook 14 OLED laptop.

The Worry-Free WiFi giveaway has two separate routes for entry, each with its own prize list. To enter without purchasing a product, users must complete one qualifying online task for each entry to give them a chance to win one of the prizes: a Zenbook 14 OLED laptop, 10x RT-AX86U Pro extendable routers and 20x RT-AX57 extendable routers. Additionally, anyone who purchases and registers an eligible ASUS router in a participating country[i] during the campaign period can enter a free draw to win one of 50 RT-AX58U or RT-AX3000 routers.

Worry-free WiFi with ASUS extendable routers

ASUS developed its first extendable router and AiMesh technology in 2017. Since then, most ASUS routers have been extendable and AiMesh-compatible. ASUS extendable routers ensure that users can enjoy robust WiFi connections with easy scalability, hassle-free management tools, comprehensive security and a rich feature set.

Extendable routers deliver a single, seamless WiFi network for the whole home, unlike a regular router and WiFi extender setup that may force users to switch their WiFi off and on every time they move around the house. ASUS extendable routers come with the highly rated ASUS Router mobile app, which simplifies setup and management of the entire home network. They also offer commercial-grade network security with no subscription fee protects all connected devices. All these features can be centrally controlled via one single app — the ASUS Router app.

ASUS also offers a wide range of extendable routers, including gaming routers and high-performance routers, so users have the flexibility of adding in another type of router to suit their different lifestyle requirements. Learn more about ASUS extendable routers at

How to enter

ASUS thrives on user feedback and is passionate about leveraging these real-world experiences to help us to both shape and improve our products. Users are invited to join the Worry-Free WiFi contest by completing one of several qualifying tasks, such as answering simple questions about extendable routers, completing an in-depth router user survey, or submitting a genuine router user review on their personal social media account, blog, YouTube channel or tech forum. Entrants can complete more than one task to earn more entries and increase their chances of winning. For the full terms and conditions for the promotion, please visit the campaign website.

During the Worry-Free WiFi campaign period, ASUS is also running a promotion on selected ASUS extendable routers. Once a user completes the product registration of any eligible extendable router, they can enter a lucky draw for a chance to win one of 50 RT-AX58U or RT-AX3000 premium extendable routers[ii], allowing them to extend their home network even further.

List of prizes

Non-purchase entry:

1st prize: 1 x ASUS Zenbook 14 OLED (1 winner)

2nd prize: 1 x ASUS RT-AX86U Pro (10 winners)

3rd prize: 1 x ASUS RT-AX57 (20 winners)

Entry via product purchase and registration:

1 x ASUS RT-AX58U or ASUS RT-AX3000 (50 winners)

[i] Terms and conditions apply, please refer to the campaign website to check the eligibility criteria for each giveaway. Product registration giveaway is only available in countries or regions without ‘no-purchase-necessary’ laws.

[ii] ASUS reserves the right to provide replacement prizes with the equivalent function or value based on the country or the region of the winner’s residence.

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