Fortinet Offers Better Security Products through MEC Networks

Distributor MEC Networks Corporation has recently partnered with security company Fortinet to provide Filipinos with better products for data protection.

Fortinet is known globally as one of the major manufacturers of high-performance network security systems for businesses. It offers a range of products and solutions such as “High Performance Firewalls for data centers, Next Generation Firewalls for enterprise edge and Unified Threat Management for distributed offices” that quickly detect threats and nip them at the bud.

“We believe that the synergy between MEC and Fortinet will lead to a mutual growth in the local market,” said George Chang, Vice President for Fortinet for South East Asia and Hong Kong. “While Fortinet continues to deliver network security technologies which can help MEC stretch its ICT portfolio, MEC will make sure that Fortinet receives the local support that it deserves in terms of product facilitation and marketing.”

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