Gigabyte Releases GeForce RTX 30 Series GPUs

Gigabyte GeForce RTX 30 Series Graphics

GeForce RTX 30 Series

Gigabyte has released four GeForce RTX 30 Series Graphics Cards after NVIDIA officially launched the new series last September 1. These cards are: GeForce RTX 3090 Gaming OC 24G, GeForce RTX 3090 Eagle OC 24G, GeForce RTX 3080 Gaming OC 10G, GeForce RTX 3080 Eagle OC 10G**. The four graphics cards feature the Gigabyte Windforce 3x cooling system. Included within are alternate spinning fans, unique fan blade design, graphene nano-lubricant, screen cooling, large copper plate and heat pipe design. Other features include support for RGB Fusion 2.0, metal backplate, and Gigabyte certified ultra-durable materials.

Gigabyte RTX 30 GPU Features

GeForce RTX 30 Series

Gigabyte RTX 30 graphics cards use multi-phase power supply design to allow the MOSFET to operate at lower temperatures. It also has over-temperature protection design and load balancing for each MOSFET. And the Ultra Durable certified chokes and capacitors provide excellent performance and prolonged system life. The metal back plate provides strength to the entire structure. It also prevents the PCB from bending as well. RGB Fusion 2.0 with the AORUS Engine support sates the needs of users who are into customizing lighting. It also syncs with other various AORUS devices.

Where’s AORUS?

GeForce RTX 30 Series

**Gigabyte, as of this time of writing, has released the AORUS line of GeForce RTX 30 GPUs. These include the AORUS GeForce RTX 3090 Xtreme 24G, AORUS GeForce RTX 3080 Xtreme 10G, AORUS GeForce RTX 3090 Master 24G, and AORUS GeForce RTX 3080 Master 10G. One feature that sets it apart from the previously mentioned models is the inclusion of a temperature display for the GPU on its side.

But Wait! Gigabyte Launches new Power Supplies for NVIDIA Ampere

Gigabyte has also released Power Supplies that allow users to efficiently run the new GeForce RTX 30 Series GPUs. These are the: P850GM – 850W 80 Plus Gold fully modular power supply, and P750GM –750W 80 Plus Gold fully modular power supply. With the new power requirements for the RTX 30 series posted, and if our current PSU is not up to the task, then these new PSUs will meet the demand.

GeForce RTX 30 Series

Gigabyte improves on the old circuit design and adopts new materials in order to get a reduced length of 140mm. And with the new materials and improved design, power supply efficiency and performance is not affected. This makes Gigabyte Power Supplies an interesting choice for smaller chassis that are now popular for building. A large 120mm fan with hydraulic bearings is included in the power supplies. This prolongs the lifespan by 1.4 times over the standard sleeve bearing fan.

The P850GM and P750GM each provides 850 watts and 750 watts of power to meet the power requirements of high end GPUs and CPUs. This allows gamers to enjoy playing games without experiencing sudden power shortages. A single +12V rail simplifies the use of connecting components to the power supply. Both P850GM and P750GM provide four 6+2pin PCIe connectors to support the large wattage GPUs. Two 4+4 pin CPU connectors allow support for mid to high-end motherboards. The main capacitor for the PSU comes form Japan and the PSUs have passed the 80 PLUS Gold certification. This certification proves the PSUs have 90% conversion efficiency, allowing gamers to have stable power supply being delivered and thus save money. 

The fully modular design allows users to install the cables to the PC components as needed. This reduces weight, heat and clutter inside the chassis. A fan stop function is included on the PSUs. This allows for a longer life span for the fan.

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