Google Fights Against Cyberbullying with Teen Web Rangers

As more Filipinos get online access, incidents of cyberbullying rapidly gain ground. One only need to look at social media to see how much hate is being directed towards certain individuals simply because of the way they look, speak, or act.

This is why Google, in partnership with the National Youth Commission, has decided to help put a stop to cyberbullying with the assistance of the youth. It has recently launched its search for Web Rangers, whose role is to make the Internet a safer place.

Web Rangers Mission 1

Teenagers from ages 14 to 18 can sign up online, and Google will pick 50 to become Web Rangers. These individuals will undergo a workshop in April that will train them to use their creativity and social influence to protect and educate their peers. They will then be charged to create their own campaigns that would relay the message against cyberbullying. Those who propose the most effective campaign will have the chance to visit the Google office and pitch it to Google executives. The winners will be announced in May.

“Cyberbullying is a serious issue that we shouldn’t gloss over. A lot of teens are affected by it, or know someone who is bullied online. More often than not, they’re not sure how to protect themselves,” said Gail Tan, Google Philippines Head of Communications and Public Affairs. “We’re hoping that the Web Rangers will be a way by which we can teach our kids to help themselves and their peers address cyber threats in a positive and inspiring way.”

If you think you can make the cut and become a Web Ranger, visit

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