Master Photographers Show What You Can Do With Your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

We all know the power of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, and we know how great its rear camera is, but did you know that it’s capable of doing actual full set-up photoshoots with the country’s leading photographers?

Last May 13 at Green Sun along Pasong Tamo, Samsung with photographers BJ Pascual and Mark Nicdao launched a photo exhibit showcasing the power of the S7 Edge. Together Georgina Wilson-Burnand, BJ Pascual revealed “Own the Night”, his collection of portraits that play with low light and neon streaks.

“I have to be honest that I was really skeptical at first because I’ve never done a professional shoot before with just a smartphone and what added to my hesitation was that the set-up had to be dark and photos can get really grainy,”said BJ. “But I’m really happy I took on this project. It’s a source of pride for a first-time feat.”




On the other hand, Mark Nicdao took the challenge to a whole new level by shooting with the S7 Edge under water with Solenn Heussaff. Entitled “Into the Blue”, the collection featured shots that exude an ethereal vibe.

“I was both hesitant and thrilled when I was first offered the project,”Mark shared. “First, I haven’t done an underwatershoot, and second, I’ve never done a fashion shoot with just a smartphone. Combining both was a real challenge… There’s this unprecedented shift that’s happening in photographer that’s driven by more people having access to the tools that allow them to find their voice. If smartphone brands, such as Samsung are able to help them find their passion and tap into their talent, it’s at least worth putting their claim to the test.”




Both collections will appear as ads in the following days, so better watch out for them!

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