Beat the Holiday Rush with Dibz App A Pre-booked Parking App!

Metro Manila is a vibrant developing metropolis. Along with this progress are mobility and parking concerns. How often have you had to text that you were running late because of parking availability? How much time have you wasted unsuccessfully circling the block ad infinitum to find a secure space? How much time do you spend planning what time you’ll leave and researching where you can park nearby to make it on time?

These difficulties affect our productivity, makes us frustrated, and drain our energy.  We end up stressing over these things and veer from the very reason why we are making that trip. While the government is thinking of solutions to address road congestion, when it comes to parking, there is always a way to get the first Dibz.

What is Dibz app?

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Enter Dibz app, now with a pre-booked parking feature! Dibz is an innovative app from MPT Mobility that aims to redefine the way you park. Its secure, convenient, and reliable technology enables drivers to search, pre-book, and pay for a smooth and hassle-free parking experience.

“We empathize with the urban working class and drivers who constantly struggle with parking as they make their way to work, run errands, and fulfill social engagements which double up this Christmas season. The amount of time we spend finding a vacant slot can be utilized for far more important things,” said Leeroy L. Shoko, Head of Business Development and Technology for Dibz. “Dibz understands that parking is a necessity. Our service empowers these individuals to know and secure available parking options in real-time, even before they arrive at the parking area. Dibz pre-booked parking is one way to ease the problems often encountered when parking in Makati and other busy areas.”

Known as a city with a surplus of vehicles and a shortage of parking slots, Makati is one of the key areas where Dibz initially launched. The service is already available in Dela Rosa Car Park 1& 2 and Valero Car Park.

The Dibz app promises convenience by pre-booking a guaranteed parking space close to your destination; reliability by getting real-time information on the parking options; and security, as you can leave your car in a clean, well-lit, and safe parking space. Users can not only search, navigate, and pay in just one app, but they can also earn reward points and access a complete history of parking expenses, which is helpful for reimbursements at work and tracking expenses.

Dibz app will continue to develop its features as part of its commitment to elevate the conventional parking experience.

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Download Dibz app on Google Play Store or Apple App Store and always get the first Dibz whenever you drive around the metro. For more information, visit

Dibz is managed and operated by MPT Mobility, the innovations arm of Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation (MPTC), aiming to improve the overall Pinoy traveling experience through its products and services.

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