Epson shapes the future of the workplace with sustainable innovation

Over the past years, sustainability has become the center of boardroom conversations across industries. While there are multiple initiatives businesses can take to work toward achieving their sustainability goals, investing in more eco-conscious printing systems is often overlooked.

Printing has always been one of the key components to an office space. A study conducted by Epson revealed that 10% of office consumption can be traced back to printers, which is why the global technology leader is pioneering the shift to responsible and sustainable printing in the workplace.

Epson has always been committed to creating breakthroughs that will change the way customers conduct business. Across sectors, Epson continues to leverage its efficient, compact, and precise innovation to enrich lives and create a better world. Guided with this purpose, Epson has grown into a global technology leader, with an 80,000-strong team and a 1-trillion Japanese yen (approximately 450-billion pesos) business.

“Sustainability has and will always be part of Epson’s DNA.  Guided by our global aspirations, we have put sustainability at the core of our business,” said Koichi Kubota, Seiko Epson Corporation Representative Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer. “We will contribute to the achievement of a better future as envisioned by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to support climate action and a circular economy while ensuring that solutions drive the growth of our customers’ businesses.”

Investing in a more sustainable Philippines

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Epson Philippines Corporation’s history in the country spans over two decades. Since its establishment in 1998, the Philippines has long been an important region and a growth market for Epson, and its continued investment in the market is a show of confidence in both the country and its people.

Epson Philippines recently launched its new headquarters in Pasig City. Its decision to stay in the “Smart City with a Green Heart” aligns with Epson’s mission to be a progressive, efficient, and sustainable partner to the local community.

The 2,090-square-meter headquarters also houses the first physical Solution Centers in Metro Manila, which are display venues where Epson products provide users with business solutions through actual demonstrations. Located at the Ground Floor and 9th Floor of Exquadra Tower, the Solution Centers showcase Epson’s unique portfolio of printing technology and visual imaging solutions.

Shaping a sustainable future for the workplace

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Epson is known for innovations that look towards the future, with sustainability as a valued part of its philosophy. Harmonious co-existence with the communities in which Epson operates has long been a cornerstone of the company, and even as operations have expanded globally, the company’s culture of respect for the environment has never wavered.

Epson has updated its Environmental Vision 2050, a statement of its environmental goals up to the year 2050 that identifies three key actions the company will be taking to address major societal issues such as decarbonization and resource recycling.

Other major environment initiatives that Epson has committed to include: transitioning to 100% renewable electricity in all Epson manufacturing sites worldwide by 2023; closing the resource loop by reducing product size and weight, using recycled materials, extending service lives, and driving a shift from wasteful analog to energy-saving, low-waste digital inkjet technologies; developing environmental technologies such as creating naturally derived plastic-free materials, new applications for its dry fiber technology, and metal recycling technologies; and converting all new office printers in its portfolio to inkjet printers and discontinuing the sales of its current laser printers globally by 2026.

Through these efforts, Epson puts to action its beliefs that energy-saving solutions, space-saving innovation, and ultra-high precision help protect the natural environment and enrich communities.

“We continue to reduce the environmental impacts of our products and services. We will achieve sustainability in a circular economy and advance the frontiers of industry through creative, open innovation,” concluded Kubota. “Epson was founded in Japan, a nation blessed with outstanding natural beauty and a rich cultural heritage. Our commitment to protecting such abundant gifts for future generations has never wavered. We constantly pay close attention to societal issues and dedicate ourselves to addressing them, which stems from our philosophy of efficient, compact, and precise innovation.”

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