Have “Authentic” Movie Nights without Leaving your Home with the Epson EF-100 Projectors

Miss going out to cinemas? Recreate that experience with the Epson EF-100 Projectors.

Due to the pandemic, many of our usual activities have come to an abrupt halt. Whether it be work, school, or the normal going out to the mall. It’s been months in lockdown and while we’re reverting to normal, the virus is still active out there. Thus, it’s still very limiting to what we can do.

However there are still leisure activities we can effectively stimulate at home. Have movie nights with loved ones! Screen your movies through an Epson projector that offers a large screen, but not too large, just enough fitted for your home.

As a quick background, Epson projectors operate with 3LCD technology. 3LCD technology is an advanced patented technology using three separate liquid crystal panels to process each primary color (red, green, and blue) continuously. This is a big upgrade compared to single-chip projectors which deliver a rapid sequence of red, green, and blue. You’ll see it in effect especially in rapid motion scenes.

Epson also houses the world’s smallest 3LCD laser projectors, the Epson EF-100 series. These are sleek and portable while having a projection size of up to 150 inches. It merges the idea of the large screen experience while still being practical and intuitive for most households. Plus, it’s flexible as well with 360-degree flexibility.

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The EF-100 series are also compact that they weigh well at only 2.7kg while measuring at only 23cm. It also projects at 2,000 lumens with a high contrast ratio that you won’t need to only reserve movie marathons at night. Despite this power, the EF-100 series is a laser projector. In other words, it’s environmentally friendly, maintenance free, and has a longer life span versus lamp projectors, topping it all off.

Lasers can handle up to 20,000 hours of usage before it needs some replacing. It’s mercury free so you can dispose of it on your own without any professional help. That’s the beauty of  EF-100 series. It showcases a user-friendly interface for first-timers. Also, it does well on connectivity with its built-in multi-functional HDMI port.

As a last feature, they’re in a slim and minimalist design decked in tailored black (EF-100B) and classy white (EF-100W). Take note, the EF-100W is available exclusively for online purchase.

Definitely one of the best-options for households to ride out this pandemic with adequate binge-ing of shows, don’t miss the Epson’s EF-100 series. Get cutting-edge power, functionality and environmentally-sound features all in one with Epson!

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