Three Image Experts Weigh In on the Sony DI Genuine Lens

Many photographers and cinematographers alike look for the perfect lens that captures not only their subjects, but the full story they want to tell through the images they take. Like a pen to a writer, photographers need to invest in quality top-notch lenses that will serve as their partner in capturing beautiful pictures that will tell magnificent stories.

The Sony DI Genuine Lenses are at the peak of photographic technology, with a variety of features enabled by the Sony Alpha System that set them apart from other ordinary lenses. These lenses provide many benefits for all kinds of image storytellers like food photographer Gabby Cantero, wedding cinematographer Sherard Yu, and landscape photographer Nicco Valenzuela. These three photographers share why investing in quality lenses made their craft better, and why they chose the Sony DI Genuine Lenses as their incomparable partner in their careers.

Delectable moments on camera with Built-In Image Stabilization 

Gabby finds that every dish tells a story, and her job is to capture that story being told. Owner of Studio Cantero, she goes out of her way in capturing the narrative that each recipe creates. In a recent visit to Binondo, one of the oldest Chinatowns in the world, she explored the vast hidden gems of a culinary tradition that has long been in these islands for centuries, from Baos, Dimsum, to other delectable treats orchestrated by a diaspora that has many stories to tell. 

“Exploring a city through food is one of my favorite things to shoot. It helps me stay creative and true to my craft,” Gabby explained, underlining how food paints a landscape of a city’s tradition and its people. 

Bringing with her in her Binondo exploration is the Sony 90mm Macro G Lens, which is equipped with a built-in image stabilization feature that allows photographers to capture an image without the worry of blurring, especially in unstable environments or when taking photos in action, such as a busy Binondo street.

“With the built-in image stabilization of this lens, I can easily get up close and capture those delicious moments on the go,” Gabby remarked. 

With the Sony Genuine DI Lenses like the Sony 90mm Macro G Lens, photographers can expect quality images regardless of the stability of the subject and the environment. Compared to other ordinary lenses, the Sony Genuine DI Lenses features high-end Built-In Image stabilization to capture the subject in its most pristine, authentic likeness. 

VIDEO: Capture Binondo food crawls with Sony 24-105mm f/4 G and 90mm Macro G lens

Recording the happiest memory with the Sony Alpha system

Sherard sees the journey of images through filming one of the happiest moments in one’s life. With the Sony DI Genuine Lenses, Sherard finds that one important aspect in cinematography is efficiency. 

“The convenience of the Sony Alpha system is a huge reason, with its Fast-Focusing, Breathing Compensation, and Linear Manual Focus features,” Sherard explained on why he prefers Sony DI Genuine Lenses in his work. “These (features) ensure that I have the best output in the most efficient way possible.”


Through the Sony Alpha system unique to the Sony Genuine DI Lenses, photographers and cinematographers can produce the best photo and video image in a short yet ample amount of time. Wedding cinematographers like Sherard would not want to miss any second of one’s happiest moment in life, hence the need for an efficient lens like the Sony Genuine DI Lenses to capture those seconds that will be preserved for years to come. 

VIDEO: Why Wedding Cinematographer Sherard Yu invests in Sony’s genuine lenses

Globetrotting with the portable Sony DI Genuine Lenses

It is often said that life is a journey, and traveling is an expression of that journey that fulfills the intrinsic desire to explore and have an adventure. Nicco believes in the importance of his work, who understands the value of adventure and bringing such value into the canvas of photography. 

Nicco revealed that he has two go-to lenses from the Sony DI Genuine Lenses collection, the Sony 16-35mm F4 G with Power Zoom, and the Sony 20mm F1.8 G. “These lenses don’t only enable me while I’m shooting, but they also help me in terms of how portable they are,” Nicco responded. 

Other than being impressed by the lenses’ ability to produce quality images, he was also amazed by the lenses’ ability to seamlessly focus. As a native lens, the Sony DI Genuine Lenses is enabled with the functions of a Sony camera, such as the Touch Shutter function of the Sony A74 Camera, wherein a photographer simply taps on the camera the area they want the lens to focus.

Another thing that Nicco appreciates is the lenses’ multipurpose use. As a landscape photographer, having a lens that is portable yet reliable is of utmost importance. “The Sony 20mm F1.8 G lens is a very good low-light lens” he found. “Whether it’s shooting a video or taking environmental portraits in the dark, this lens would be ultra reliable.” 

The portability, and reliable multi-purpose use of the Sony DI Genuine Lenses allows anyone to bring their lenses anywhere, anytime they want. As stories can be found in every landscape, landmark, or scenery, a lens that is dependably travel-worthy like the Sony DI Genuine Lenses is a huge benefit for photographers, both beginner and experienced. 

VIDEO: Sony’s lenses FE PZ 16-35mm F4 G and FE 20mm F1.8 G for Landscape and Travel Photography

These three image experts have revealed that the Sony DI Genuine Lenses are the ideal native lenses for Sony cameras that would not only bring an advantage to photographers and cinematographers alike, but an edge to recreate, capture and preserve the story of their subjects. 

Other than the superior features of the Sony DI Genuine Lenses, photographers can also expect a 1 year plus an additional 3 months warranty (when registered on MySony) with every purchase of the lenses, and free camera or lens cleaning services. Follow Sony  Philippines on Facebook and Instagram for cleaning service announcement. 

Sony DI Genuine Lenses are now available in all Sony Authorized Dealers in the Philippines.
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