GIGABYTE AORUS STEALTH 500 Wins CES 2023 Innovation Award!

GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd proudly announced that AORUS STEALTH 500 computer assembly kit was unanimously affirmed by the CES judges with its innovative design concept to win the CES 2023 Innovation Award. We invite you to join us at GIGABYTE’s booth #9119 at the LVCC North Hall during the CES exhibition for a closer look at AORUS STEALTH 500.

“When it comes to system building, the balance of simplicity, optimal thermals, and easy-of-assembly is always a major concern which conceptualized the AORUS STEALTH 500 computer assembly kit. To eliminate the hassle of cable clutter, obstacles to installation, and obstructed airflow, AORUS STEALTH 500 relocates motherboard, graphics card, and chassis for a neat case front. This optimized design simplifies the system build and delivers extreme performance without throttling even under high load operation. Since the first launch in COMPUTEX 2022, the AORUS STEALTH 500 has won unanimous praise and tribute from the global market. The 2023 CES Innovation Award further affirms the innovative concept of AORUS STEALTH 500,” said Jackson Hsu, Director of the GIGABYTE Channel Solutions Product Development Division.

The CES Innovation Awards is an annual competition that recognizes consumer products with outstanding design and excellent R&D force. The highest-rated products are selected in each category after rigorous judging by professionals from various fields, including designers, engineers, and the media. The AORUS STEALTH 500 was unanimously affirmed by more than 80 judges and won the honor of CES 2023 Innovation Award. “AORUS STEALTH 500 scored high at multiple evaluations by its innovative design with engineering features and well deserves the honor.” said the judges.

In the process of product development, leveraging engineering capabilities to identify and solve user needs is a crucial focal point. With the innovative redesign of motherboards and graphics cards, the AORUS STEALTH 500 eliminates the hassle of cable clutter and streamlines building for optimized airflow and heat dissipation utilizing the AORUS C500G chassis. Users can enjoy superior airflow and optimal cooling to accomplish a stylish and sleek build with either tower cooler or AIO liquid cooler.

Check out AORUS STEALTH 500 @ CES Exhibition 2023

The AORUS STEALTH 500 computer assembly kit will be presented at GIGABYTE booth #9119 LVCC North Hall. Please join us and experience this innovative PC DIY kit during CES exhibition. For more information, please visit GIGABYTE website:

From January 5th to 8th, GIGABYTE will be at CES 2023 in Las Vegas, under the theme of ‘Power of Computing’, exhibiting HPC servers and cooling solutions, enterprise-grade workstations, AI training platforms, autonomous vehicle systems, and next-gen personal computers and laptops. GIGABYTE looks to showcase its data center expertise and industry know-how, to empower users from enterprises to individuals to expand their business endeavors and personal visions.

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