ZOWIE Unveils Debut Wireless Mouse – The EC-CW Series

ZOWIE announced today the launch of its first wireless mouse, the EC-CW series, developed with cutting-edge sports science research and development to meet the needs of casual and competitive gamers. 

The esports industry is seeing tremendous growth in Singapore, both in terms of player count and fanbase. Amidst rising demand, ZOWIE has observed that numerous gamers prioritize their performance and mouse selection, while inadvertently overlooking the importance of physical endurance. This trend is

concerning as endurance plays a pivotal role in sustaining a gamer’s long-term health and professional esports career. As a result, muscle fatigue and injuries have become a common occurrence, reducing performance and causing professional gamers to retire early. 

Sports Science Advances ZOWIE’s Wireless Mouse Concept 

The creation of the EC-CW series is based on in-depth sports science research that has led to the development of ergonomic design methods, enabling BenQ ZOWIE to access diverse design proposals from a 360-degree perspective. 

“Together with The Human & Machine Innovation Lab, we have conducted comprehensive qualitative interviews and usability tests for our prototypes, which took a significant amount of time to complete. We firmly believe that incorporating sports science-based designs can drastically enhance the performance and endurance of esports players. ” said Jeffrey Liang, President of BenQ APAC. “Aside from esports players, our latest design will also benefit anyone who suffers from muscle fatigue due to prolonged computer use.” Jeffery added. 


Employing scientific techniques to create the optimal ergonomic mouse for the EC-CW series

A Smooth 2-in-1 User Experience 

With the development of EC-CW, ZOWIE aims to provide the best gaming equipment that ensures total connectivity and stability while minimising hand injuries and fatigue. The EC-CW wireless mouse provides seamless mobility without cable clutter and minimises transmission interference through its standalone wireless receiver and antenna located at the front tip. This innovative feature significantly reduces the likelihood of unexpected interruptions during critical gameplay or work sessions. Zowie

The EC-CW boasts an outstanding anti-fatigue feature that targets the wrist flexor muscles, allowing prolonged usage even with frequent clicks. Moreover, the design provides exceptional comfort for the fingers with a designated thumb rest and facilitates endurance by preventing inadvertent clicks with its strategically placed buttons.

ZOWIE’s first wireless mouse maintains its trademark asymmetrical ergo design that offers customers a natural curvy top shell that comfortably supports the users’ palm. The classic shape of the EC-CW ensures just the right amount of palm contact and accommodates all types of grip styles, enabling players to adopt a comfortable posture during extended gameplay. 

The ergonomic design comes in handy when performing long-distance horizontal movements and allows for stable control and manoeuvring of the mouse when playing popular first-person shooter games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) and VALORANT, or MOBA games like DOTA 2 or League of Legends. 

The EC series wireless mouse is available in three distinct sizes – EC1-CW, EC2-CW, and EC3-CW, providing users with a range of options to choose from based on their preferred grip styles and in-game requirements. The EC2-CW and EC3-CW wireless mouse is now available In Singapore at SGD249 per item and can be found on

BenQ’s Lazada official store. Although the wireless versions of other series (ZA, FK, S) are still in development, consumers can still opt for the wired versions of those series.

To learn more about ZOWIE and the EC series, please visit us at LINK.

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