ZADAK Introduces MOAB II Elite

ZADAK is well known initially through the modding community through their mods and custom PC cases. And in with this regard, their original MOAB II Ultimate offered their own take of an open case design optimized for water cooling. However, limitations on which particular model of motherboard and its manufacturer limited the number of possible configurations this original case permitted. Hence ZADAK introduces MOAB II Elite to answer these challenges.

The MOAB II Elite is a compact case (311mm x 193mm x 371mm), no bigger than a mini tower case. This makes the case almost just as big as a regular mini tower PC case. Here are important features to know:

MOAB II Elite Water Cooler


The MOAB II Elite builds a patented CNC milled water distribution plate. This removes the need for builders to install piping for the PC, making it clean. Using a dual chambered design, the water distribution plate is sandwiched in the middle of the case, making the entire case compact. Its compact build reduces the risk of the plate from breaking or leaking. The 240mm radiator is included and is installed behind the motherboard and directly onto the water distribution plate.

Smart Detection and Monitoring


The MOAB II Elite comes with a digital display that monitors coolant/water temperature. This provides users a direct look into the temperature of the coolant to avoid overheating. Also included is the water level indicator, providing information to the user if they need to top up coolant/water.

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Compact and Compatible


While maintaining the same compact size as its previous model, the MOAB II features an updated CPU Block connection outlet. Previously, the movable CPU block had limited movement. This prevented compatibility with a vast array of mATX motherboards. In this improvement, allowing it now to move both horizontally and vertically. This improves the compatibility with various mATX motherboards significantly. And another improvement with the case design is increasing the allowance for GPUs to up to 280mm long.

Touch and Slide to Power On


To power up the PC, ZADAK uses a one-of-a-kind system for its power switch. Users will simply slide a finger across the capacitive strip in order to power-on the PC.


The ZADAK MOAB II Elite will be available by the end of July 2020. For more information on this case, visit:

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