ManageEngine Targets 30% YOY Growth in Southeast Asia Over the Next 5 Years, the Philippines Being a Key Driver

ManageEngine, the enterprise IT management division of Zoho Corporation, today announced its commitment to achieving a target of 30% year-over-year (YOY) growth through strategic investments in the Southeast Asia region over the next five years. The company aims to capitalize on the region’s potential as a hyper-growth market and build upon its already established customer base of over 5,000 organizations in the region.

To support its growth objectives, ManageEngine plans to ramp up its hiring efforts in the top five markets of Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines. The organization aims to strengthen its presence and deepen its relationships with customers in these key markets by investing in local talent (e.g., customer-facing and tech-based roles).

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“Similar to other dynamic markets in the Asia-Pacific region, the Philippines showcases a robust digitalization trend with promising prospects,” said Arun Kumar, regional director for the Asia-Pacific region at ManageEngine. “The country’s burgeoning e-commerce sector demands advanced cybersecurity measures to protect sensitive financial transactions and customer data, aligning perfectly with our goal to empower Philippine businesses with the essential tools and technologies for safeguarding their digital assets. Additionally, with the Philippine government actively promoting e-government services and investing in enhancing internet connectivity, our comprehensive IT solutions are tailored to support these digital mandates.” 

The Changing IT Landscape in the Philippines

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According to ManageEngine’s recent survey, “IT at Work: 2022 and Beyond,” conducted among IT professionals in the Philippines, nearly all (95%) of the business decision-makers (BDMs) have invested in AI or ML and are doing so for more than one use case on average. Using AI to prevent cyberattacks is the most common use case (65%), followed by the automation of specific tasks (62%). 

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This survey data illuminates the technological mindset of BDMs in the Philippines, indicating an inclination towards harnessing AI and ML technologies for proactive cybersecurity measures. The prioritization of implementing AI to prevent cyberattacks showcases a strategic approach to fortifying digital assets and underscores the increasing emphasis on safeguarding sensitive information in the evolving digital landscape of the Philippines.

ManageEngine To Philippine Market

ManageEngine’s commitment to the Philippine market is driven by the urgent need to address the changing security landscape and evolving cybersecurity requirements. Through its AI-driven solutions, ManageEngine aims to equip Philippine businesses with the necessary tools to protect their digital assets, detect anomalies and respond swiftly to potential threats.

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