Sophos: 82% of Philippine Organizations had Public Cloud Cybersecurity Incidents

Sophos just conducted a survey showing that 82% of Philippine organizations fall prey to public cloud cybersecurity incidents. That’s more than three quarters.

Sophos, leading cybersecurity firm, raises awareness again for the public on the necessity of cybersecurity. They’ve taken context locally with this survey. The Sophos survey results show alarming numbers—100% of Philippine organizations surveyed are concerned about current levels of cloud security. On firms that did get attacks, 77% had it on ransomware and other malware, 40% on exposed data, 40% on compromised accounts, and 16% for cryptojacking.

This isn’t a surprise to Sophos, however. Globally, organizations on multi-cloud environments are more likely (at least 50% greater chances) of having a cloud security incident. To understand how attackers target organizations, here’s a break down summary.

Attackers use any mishaps on your organization to their advantage such as misconfigurations. 71% of reported attacks in the Philippines were done by exploiting these mistakes (detailed in the SophosLabs 2020 Threat Report). Moreover, 27% of Philippine organizations disrupted the cloud through credentials. Ironically however, more than half of organizations don’t consider access management to cloud accounts a top priority.

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There’s also the cloud security posture management tool Data from Sophos Cloud Optix further showing these cases. 91% of global accounts have overprivileged identity and access management roles, and 98% have multi-factor authentication disabled on their cloud provider accounts. 

These statistics may be depressing as we enter a rising digital era, but the numbers show hope as well. 100% of organizations already admit to concern about their current level of cloud security. On the same note, more than half of respondents also understood shared responsibility between organizations, partners, and vendors for cloud security.

On a more specific view for 39% of respondents, identifying and responding to security incidents top the list of security concerns.Close to that percentage, 34% of respondents, stays compliant with relevant regulations and lack of visibility into infrastructure.

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