Gen Z and their phones: How the mobile phone has transformed to become best friends of this generation

When you spend a significant amount of time with someone, there is the probability of forming an emotional attachment to them. Well, the same goes with the things that you own, especially your phone.

People spend hours with their phones daily—so it’s no wonder you can become emotionally attached to them. This is especially true for Gen Z, for whom phones have become constant companions, especially during the pandemic. 

When Gen Z chooses a smartphone, they’re choosing their best friend for the next three years.

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When it comes to Gen Z, their phones have been the one constant in a time of change and uncertainty, making them an essential component of life—just like a best friend.

Creative and passionate, their phones have enabled Gen Zs to express themselves. Many of the activities they enjoy revolve around a creative lifestyle, including music, dance, and writing. As most of them are also out in the world to get more inspiration and to use as a creative space, they rely on their phones to do their projects on the go.

Aside from being creative, Gen Zers also look for a sense of belonging by joining groups that they can relate to. Midway into the pandemic, mobile phones have been the way for the young generation to connect to the world. This has been more apparent as phones have been their main channel for communication while living in a world of restrictions. 66% of Gen Z joined online communities to connect with people with similar interests. Likewise, 61% of them have claimed that they are “superfans” of something, which can be in different forms of interests like TV series, movies, music icons, or K-pop groups.

Like many of us, Gen Z also use their phone to escape the world through entertainment. 74% of Gen Z shared that they listen to the soundtrack of their favorite TV show or movie to make them feel like they are one of the characters, while 90% watched a video that made them feel like in a different place.

For these reasons, it’s not surprising that young people develop unique emotional attachments to them. 79% of Gen Z claim that they cannot live without their phones! 

Awesome friendship with the new Galaxy A Series

Samsung Galaxy A Series offers a new best friend with the Galaxy A34 5G and Galaxy A54 5G.  

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Jun Guevara – Sepco Head Of Product Marketing

In 2020, we started the ‘Awesome is for everyone” campaign. Since then, we have built a unique conversation with Gen Zs. Throughout our journey together, we have identified what “awesome” truly means for them. We’ve seen how the Galaxy A Series has helped them unlock it. Through our campaigns, we understood that they value meaningful relationships in all aspects of their lives, including their phones. Because when Gen Z chooses their phone, it’s like they are choosing their best friend for the next few years of their lives. The best friend who can bring out the ‘awesome’ in them, who can allow them to be creative and enjoy life with their company, and this is what the Galaxy A-Series has always been about,” said Jun Guevara, SEPCO Head of Product Marketing & Mobile Experience.

For creating content, the Galaxy A54 5G and the Galaxy A34 5G make use of Samsung Galaxy’s leading Nightography and AI capabilities for its images. Both smartphones are equipped with an improved optical image stabilization (OIS) and video digital image stabilization (VDIS). Users can broaden the camera’s pixel size for clearer images in Night Mode. Unwanted shadows and reflections are out of the way, thanks to its enhanced editing tools. Rated IP67, it can withstand up to 1m of fresh water for up to 30 minutes. It uses recycled plastic for side keys, SIM trays, and recycled BIO cover materials.

The Galaxy A34 5G offers a richer entertainment experience. Whether it’s for catching up on your favorite series, enjoying a movie, or listening to a repeat playlist, it features Super AMOLED screens measuring 6.6 inches and stereo speaker audio quality. The Galaxy A34 5G starts at P19,990 and will be available in two color options upon pre-order – Awesome Violet and Awesome Graphite.

The Galaxy A54 5G is perfect for shooting content and recording moments in high definition. It is equipped with immersive Super AMOLED displays, measuring 6.4-inches. It has a 32MP front camera, stereo speaker, and voice focus sound feature. The Galaxy A54 5G starts at P24,990 and will be available in three colors – Awesome Lime, Awesome Graphite with the Awesome Violet as an online exclusive offer.

Users can get 100GB of cloud storage and easily back up photos to OneDrive with a six-month trial of Microsoft 365 Basic. Both smartphones get up to four generations of OS upgrades and five years of security updates for a friendship that will last.

“The 2023 Galaxy A-Series is the perfect companion for young people as they take on their future. It lets them have a versatile and powerful platform for self-expression while making premium aspirations accessible to all,” added Guevara.

Invest in the perfect companion for your future and pre-order the new Galaxy A Series today. Customers who will pre-order the Galaxy A54 or A34 5G from March 15 until March 30 will enjoy P2,949 worth of savings, including a FREE Travel Adapter and a FREE Storage Upgrade. They will instantly get the higher memory variant for the price of the lower variant within the same model line-up. Those who will trade in their old devices can also enjoy savings of up to P10,150. In addition, they will get a 50% discount on the Galaxy Buds2 Pro and Galaxy Buds2, and 30% off on the Galaxy Watch5 Series.

The Galaxy A34 and A54 5G are available for pre-order through, Samsung Experience Stores, Authorized Samsung Stores, Lazada, Shopee, and MemoXpress Online.

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