Samsung debuts the new Galaxy S23 series locally with an epic launch party

Samsung’s Epic House unveiled the new Galaxy S23 series at The Fifth in Rockwell with a spectacular launch party, bringing to life the brand’s promise of outstanding Nightography, the pursuit of passion, and the brand’s continued commitment to sustainability in an immersive and interactive event.


In a program hosted by content creator Nicole Andersson, Samsung shared a rundown of the S23 Series’ latest innovations, marking a new era of ultimate premium phone experiences – from truly cinematic Nightography videos with transformative AI, the “Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform for Galaxy” for powerful performance, an embedded S Pen that offers more possibilities for productivity, all housed within a striking design that advances the company’s sustainability commitment, this latest series from Samsung is truly set to redefine experiences and push one’s creativity to epic proportions. 

Galaxy S23 Series stage

Actress Liza Soberano, iconic photographer BJ Pascual, and famed artist Leeroy New then took guests on a tour of the Epic Rooms, experiential installations that brought to life exactly what makes the Samsung new Galaxy S23 series so exciting. 

Epic Nightography


As part of the evening’s interactive experiences, guests were able to witness the most advanced camera system in the Galaxy through the Epic Nightography room. The room features different stations where guests were invited to take photos, with stunning neon décor to accentuate the retro, nightlife aesthetic.  Iconic photographer BJ Pascual led them throughout the room while sharing valuable tips on the art of photography and how Nightography is the perfect feature for his creative aesthetics. 

The Epic Nightography room featured three stations: Night Selfie, Night Video, and Night Portrait. The Night Selfie station allows guests to take a selfie in the dark, surrounded by neon lights, as Nightography is also available in selfie mode. Night Video, on the other hand, allows guests to record themselves in the dark surrounded by reflective panels to boost the Galaxy S23’s ability to capture motion while light conditions are low. Finally, the Night Portrait room allows guests to take a portrait of themselves surrounded by colored lights to show the Galaxy S23’s enhanced Nightography feature in portrait mode. 

The Epic Nightography room highlighted the very best of Samsung Galaxy S23’s enhanced Nightography feature, which includes a new AI-powered image signal processing (ISP) algorithm that enhances object details and color tone under low-light conditions, which makes images at night crisper and more detailed compared to older Night Mode features in the Samsung line. One can also take pro-grade photos with The Expert RAW app, which is exclusive to Samsung Galaxy. 

The series also has the most stable video capture yet with a doubled optical image stabilizer (OIS), so taking videos at night do not have to look blurry. The video quality has also improved with the new series, with enhanced 8K video at 30fps with a wider angle for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. 

Epic Passions


Guests were given the chance to be their most epic selves with the Epic Passions room, which features larger-than-life installation and three epic stations: Productivity, Gaming, and Self Expression Zones.  Beloved actress Liza Soberano introduced the guests to the Epic Passions room, sharing how the Galaxy Series has helped her juggle her busy schedule, her secret love of gaming, and how the Galaxy S23 series is perfect for mobile gamers like her. 

The new Galaxy S23 series has also become the answer for the multi-passionate individual, as the it allows one to connect with other devices in the Samsung line creating an ecosystem where you could multitask with your different passions at the same time. 


The Samsung Multi Control feature connects the Samsung S23 to the Samsung PC and tablet with mouse and keyboard functionality. The embedded S-Pen on the Samsung S23 Ultra allows users to collaborate with other people in making projects through the co-editing feature in Google Meets live sharing, made possible by the collaboration of Samsung Notes and Google Meet. This makes the S23 series the most functionally flexible series yet.

In the Gaming station, guests were given the chance to use the Samsung Galaxy S23 series for mobile gaming, with a fun installation of their favorite video game characters. The station spotlights the Galaxy S23 series’ premium performance and improved battery life.

Further pushing the envelope in gaming, the Galaxy S23 series provides the best mobile gaming experience yet. Samsung and Qualcomm have launched the new “Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform for Galaxy”, the most powerful and efficient processor ever in a Samsung Galaxy smartphone and the fastest Snapdragon available today, which allows for smooth gaming graphics and an overall enjoyable gaming experience. Meanwhile, on the Galaxy S23 Ultra, a 5000mAh battery powers a larger camera than Galaxy S22 Ultra without increasing the device’s size.

Rounding up the Epic Passions Room is the Self-Expression Zone-perfect for those who love to customize their phones. From aesthetic phone cases to the home screen, one can add favorite apps, widgets and folders to make one’s Galaxy S23 truly one’s own. 

Epic Sustainability


The Epic Sustainability room allowed guests to be introduced to the importance of sustainability and how the Galaxy S23 Series was designed with the planet in mind. An awe-inspiring Flotilla installation created by renowned sustainable artist, Leeroy New, was the room’s showpiece, made with recycled materials and other sustainable products. 


Himself an environmental advocate, New was among the first to make a promise at the Pledge Wall, a digital display where guests can use the S-Pen to write pledges on the wall in real-time. Asking everyone “What can you do for the planet?”, the display served as an invitation for guests to make their own commitments for sustainability. 

The Galaxy S23 series is Samsung’s most sustainable line of mobile devices yet from Samsung, made from pre-consumer recycled aluminum and glass and post-consumer recycled plastics sourced from discarded fishing nets, PET bottles, and water barrels. It is also the first S series to market its screens made of Corning Gorilla Glass Victus 2, the most durable glass yet made with 22% pre-consumed recycled material. 


The Samsung Galaxy S23 series is now available for pre-order, and by pre-ordering, customers can enjoy promos and bundles exclusively in the Samsung Online store, mobile network plans and select online retailers. For the Samsung Online store, customers can enjoy free mobile upgrades, discounted Samsung wearables, trade-in deals, free Samsung Care+, and e-vouchers, available until February 23, 2023.

To pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S23 series, click here.  

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