New User Software Update on the Samsung Galaxy S20!

Samsung released a new UI software update for the Samsung Galaxy S20 for a seamless sensory experience. Bringing a more gratifying feel than ever, check out the new features you’ll get on the Samsung Galaxy S20!

Galaxy S20 Software Update

Sensory feedback is one of the most noticeable passive features on our smartphones. Whether it’s through device transitions, haptic sensation or sound quality, they matter a lot for the daily experience.

Galaxy S20 Software Update

The Samsung Galaxy S20 has one of the best displays currently on the market. The Galaxy S20’s 120Hz refresh rate isn’t just for show. Refresh rates are the number of times a monitor loads new information every second. This reflects on on tasks, gaming, watching movies—virtually everything. One UI 2 is here to optimize even more the interaction responses between you and your screen.

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Galaxy S20 Software Update

The One UI 2 is designed to be more intuitive, fitting better with how a Samsung device functions. Focusing on interface responses, feedback will always be continuous from all your touch inputs including delicate ones. This software update will make motion and transition move more seamlessly even on the most basic actions. Add to that real-time to user control as well as a consolidated design for notifications and alerts.

Galaxy S20 Software Update

It doesn’t stop at just what you see. The latest UI will also vastly improve the tactile sensation the phone itself gives. This is very tangible when handling the Galaxy S20’s premium cameras. With enhanced Haptic feedback, you’ll directly feel the shutter, pro mode or basically familiar touch sensations that acquaints you to the different features through touch. This extends as well to other relevant features like the keyboard, toggle switches, and many more.

Galaxy S20 Software Update

Lastly, on audio. The Samsung Galaxy S20 is also set to deliver satisfying tunes. It offers four sound themes to choose from namely; Galaxy, Calm, Retro, and Fun. Every single one brings forth a central mood to accompany you. Each theme applies to ringtones, notifications, and system sounds.

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Learn more about the software update for Samsung Galaxy S20 here!

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