Eastern Communications bolsters Henann Group’s connectivity as Boracay tourist arrivals hit 1M

Well-known for its pristine beaches, Boracay Island recorded over one million tourist arrivals in the first half of 2023, according to a recent report from the Malay local government. As the influx of tourists reclaims the island’s reputation as the country’s top destination, there comes a need for better accessibility and connectivity, which are pertinent factors in driving tourism growth. 

Eastern Communications Partnership In Boracay Island

In line with this, Philippine premier telecommunications company, Eastern Communications, has sealed its partnership with the biggest homegrown resort group in the country, Henann Group of Resorts, to help boost tourism and provide reliable connectivity to its offices in Boracay Island.

“We at Henann believe it’s our duty to understand and anticipate our guest’s needs, including their needs to conduct convenient transactions with us online. This is why we have chosen to invest in high-speed connectivity that will allow uninterrupted communication and seamless visitor experiences,” stated Dindo Miguel Martin Salazar, Henann Group’s Assistant Vice President for Boracay Resort Operations.

Eastern Communications now serves three of the hotel offices in the Henann Group of Resorts, specifically Henann Prime Beach Resort, Henann Park Resort, and Henann Regency Resort & Spa. The partnership delivers strong connections not only for the business’ day-to-day operations but also for hotel guests to enjoy personalized experiences with seamless online bookings and guest reservations.

Henann Palm Resort - Boracay

Home to thousands of foreign and local travelers, Henann Group of Resorts is one of the largest hospitality companies in the Philippines with a number of hotels spread across Boracay Island, Bohol, and soon in Palawan. The resort chain has played a significant role in making Boracay a top-tier travel destination, receiving multiple awards for its top-notch accommodations, service, and amenities. 

“Eastern Communications has been helping us utilize and improve guest satisfaction through dependable connectivity and proactive after-sales assistance. Eastern Connection adds value to our operations and they provide exceptional customer support,” said Christian Gumban, Assistant IT Manager of Henann Group of Resorts – Boracay. 

Gumban emphasized the importance of reliable internet service in their daily operations–from managing online bookings to accommodating guest reservations. With the continuously growing number of tourists staying in the hotels of Henann Group of Resorts – Boracay, subscribing to Eastern Communications’ seamless internet service has helped empower the business to deliver premier guest service and a more personalized customer experience. 

Henann Group of Resorts offices are powered by Eastern Communications’ Internet Direct Service (IDS) which offers a tailored business-grade connectivity solution suitable for hotels and emerging businesses that heavily rely on uninterrupted and secure connectivity. 

Eastern IDS is recommended for hotels and similar enterprises that require high-speed dedicated internet access to eliminate business downtime. IDS is a fast, premium, and dedicated internet service that lets users own their bandwidth to ensure that their business will always be reachable, online, and available to both clients and employees.

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To learn more about Eastern Communications’ fast and business-grade connectivity services, visit eastern.com.ph or follow @easterncommph on Facebook.

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