Smart BRO Home WiFi vs. Prepaid WiFi Providers

Who’s the Best Prepaid WiFi of them all?

I’ve been connected to the internet since 1996. Back then, not all Filipino families have the luxury to go online. Internet Service Plans weren’t that cheap and, unfortunately, quite slow. I’m glad we’re already in the year 2023, where internet connectivity is widely available and more affordable too, thanks to Smart BRO Home WiFi.

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Having an internet at home is as important as other utilities we use on a daily basis. It is our source for the latest news happening around the world, our means for leisure and entertainment, and because we are so connected with everyone around the world we can interact with anyone, anytime!

While there are lots of offerings by different Internet Service Providers, how will a Filipino family know which is the best provider to choose from? Digital Reg will help you choose the best Internet WiFi provider for your household. This guide will only cover prepaid 4G/5G data connections and will NOT include other Fiber plans from competitors.

The Competitors: Brand G Vs Brand D

We identified two of the closest competitors to Smart BRO Home WiFi. These are Brand G at Home and Brand D Home Prepaid WiFi.

Brand G at Home has a lot of Prepaid WiFi offers, ranging from the very affordable P50 HomeSURF 50 with 5GB Open Access Data for 3 Days up to P1499 HomeSURF1499 with 120GB Open Access Data + 1GB Daily apps (150GB) good for 30 Days. It’s good for Brand G to offer as low as P50. While we know 5GB of internet access is just a few hours of usage for us power users, others may find it just enough for them to do their school work or research.

Aside from Brand G HomeSURF, they also have FamSURF promo which they can pass their data allocation from their Home Prepaid WiFi to their mobile phones.

Meanwhile, Brand D Home Prepaid WiFi comes in two options: P590 Data-capped at 100GB for 30 Days and P1090 which comes with Unli5G – Unlimited Data for 30 Days. The only benefit we see here is it supports data rollover and users can earn DITO Rewards Points. If you ask me, we think Brand D Home Prepaid WiFi is a bit pricey for a new player in the market.

Smart BRO Home WiFi

Smart Bro Home Wifi 03

Now let’s talk about the offers of Smart BRO Home WiFi. Let me list them down here so you can see all of them:

  • Famload All Access 199 – 1GB ALL ACCESS EVERY DAY + 25GB – 7 Days
  • Famload All Access 299 – 1GB ALL ACCESS EVERY DAY + 50GB – 7 Days
  • Famload All Access+ 349 – 2GB ALL ACCESS EVERY DAY + 25GB – 7 Days
  • Famload All Access+ 449 – 2GB ALL ACCESS EVERY DAY + 50GB – 7 Days
  • Famload All Access 999 – 1GB ALL ACCESS EVERY DAY + 100GB – 30 Days
  • Famload All Access+ 1149 – 2GB ALL ACCESS EVERY DAY + 100GB – 30 Days

The most affordable in Smart BRO Home WiFi plan is P199, which is a bit more than the P50 offering of Brand G. While the latter is indeed more affordable, the best thing about Smart BRO Home WiFi’s Famload plans is its value. For 7 days, subscribers can get 1GB access on a daily basis plus an additional 25GB of access!

What’s even better is ever Famload All Access comes with more additional data. For example, Famload All Access 999 gives you the usual 1GB daily access for 30 days plus an additional 100GB access also good for the same month. That means you can have as much as 4GB of daily internet access for 30 days!

Another example is Famload All Access+ 1149 which offers 2GB all access daily. For 30 days, you get an additional 100GB of usage, meaning you can use 5GB of data access on a daily basis. Isn’t that generous of Smart BRO Home WiFi?

Which Provides a Better VALUE?

Let’s compare these Internet Service Providers even further. Let’s pit Smart BRO Home WiFi and Brand G at Home’s offerings.

  • Smart BRO Home WiFi Famload All Access 199 – 1GB ALL ACCESS EVERY DAY + 25GB – 7 Days
  • Brand G FamSURF 199 – 23GB Shareable Data + 7GB apps (30GB) – 7 Days
  • Brand G HomeSURF 199 – 23GB Open Access Data – 1GB Daily apps (30GB) – 7 Days

As I have explained earlier, Smart BRO Home WiFi Famload access 199 already provides you 32GB for a total of 7 days. Compared to Brand G’s 199 plans, they can only provide you up to 30GB.

  • Smart BRO Home WiFi Famload All Access 299 – 1GB ALL ACCESS EVERY DAY + 50GB – 7 Days
  • Brand G FamSURF 299 – 43GB Shareable Data + 7GB apps (50GB) – 7 Days

Smart BRO Home WiFi still wins under Plan 299 by providing a total of 57GB data access good for 7 days, compared to Brand G’s 50GB.

  • Smart BRO Home WiFi Famload All Access+ 449 – 2GB ALL ACCESS EVERY DAY + 50GB – 7 Days
  • Brand G FamSURF 499 – 65GB Shareable Data + 15GB apps (80GB) – 15 Days
  • Brand D 590 – Data-capped 100GB – 30 Days

We have prices here that are nearly identical to each other. The advantage of Brand G is the ability to share its Home WiFi data allocation to its mobile users. And for P50 more, Brand G offers this for 15 days compared to Smart BRO Home WiFi’s usual 7 days.

Brand D costs a P100 more than Brand G but at least subscribers can be assured that they can have access to 100GB for 30 days.

  • Smart BRO Home Wifi Famload All Access 999 – 1GB ALL ACCESS EVERY DAY + 100GB – 30 Days
  • Brand G FamSURF 999 – 170GB Shareable Data + 30GB apps (200GB) – 30 Days
  • Brand G HomeSURF 999 – 70GB Open Access Data + 1GB Daily apps (100GB) – 30 Days
  • Brand D 1090 – Unli5G – Unlimited Data – 30 Days

We think Smart BRO Home WiFi offers the best deal here. For 30 days, Famload All Access 999 provides approximately 4.3GB of data usage for 30 days, a lot more than what Brand G HomeSURF 999 is offering. Admittedly, Brand G FamSURF 999 offers the largest amount of data at 200GB. Our question is, how reliable is it to transfer prepaid data from the home WiFi to a mobile phone? It sounds good on paper, but we have yet to hear from real customers who have used this service.

On the other hand, Brand D is again the most expensive by offering Unli5G and unlimited Data for 30 days. Again, sounds good, but being a new player means a lot more to prove, especially in terms of service reliability.

How Reliable is Smart BRO Home WiFi?

Smart Bro Home Wifi 04

My answer to this question is simple – It is VERY RELIABLE! I am a Smart BRO user for years and have
used it as my backup connection for my WFH gigs years ago. Now that I have a Smart BRO Home WIFi
in my room, I can now have a backup connection for my Smart devices like my Smart TV.

Just to check its stability, we connected our smartphone and TV to our new Smart BRO Home WiFi.
Surprisingly, we didn’t experience any lags or buffering when loading sites or videos. We also had the
same pleasant experience with mobile games. Smart BRO Home WiFi was stable for the whole time
while we played Genshin Impact and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on our smartphone.


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